happy st paddy’s day

Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all

Hope you have a good ‘n’ and get shitfaced drunk get pleasantly tipsy whatever your plans may be.

I did my celebrating Saturday night – and am finally feeling better today.

That’s TUESDAY people 

Red wine is not my friend

Until tonight of course

We got the Fluffster all dressed up for the occasion because we all know I’m a spaz the Great Pyrenees originated from IRELAND!

A thought from Fluffy for today:

Enjoy your day humans

Your Guiness

Your corn beef

And spare a thought for me

As I spend the entire day trying to get this fucking gay-boy t-shirt off!


  1. Just a little touch of “The Green-Eyed Monster”, hey Fluffy? I’m sure his T-shirt should read, “The Bitch went to the Pub and all I got was this f*cking T-Shirt”

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