growing like a weeeeeeed


Fluffy is growing at the rate of 4 pounds a week

I saw an 8 month old Great Pyrenees last week and it was 135 pounds and still growing

We were told that Fluffy would be 130 pounds fully grown

So what’s up with an 8 month old that’s already 135?

I am now officially shitting myself

The Fluffster is doing OK with training – but I really need to get him 100% controlled. 

I can already see that if he’s not – and I try and tell him what to do – he’s totally going to tell me to go “fuck myself” once he’s full size

He’s doing OK after his ‘snip’ a couple of weeks ago – didn’t really see any difference in him. He’s probably ‘bouncier’ if anything

Maybe he’s gonads were sooo huge that he’s feeling ‘lighter’ without them.

Wonder if that’s a selling point I could tell my husband about?

The only ‘side effect’ I have noticed is that he’s starting eating his own poo.


But I could so train my husband not to do that

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  1. He’s Gorgeous! DON’T let him eat his poo…it can do serious damage (we “saved” my dog from someone that should have had poo shoved down his throat for starving his dogs)!

    On a positive note, human shit won’t kill ya’ (but it would make you bloody heave unless your one of those kinky, BENT FREAKS that do it to get off…TRUE!). Ahem…DAMN that bloody Debbie for sending me that clip…EWWWWWWWWWW!!!

    Might I suggest that you only serve poo to your husband until he has the snip…? It’ll save the dog! 🙂

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