different mum…


So I’m sitting here outside my 3 year olds dance class waiting for her to finish

You can’t just drop them off at this age and come back later like I can with my 5 year old


3 is still pretty young and they come out during class all the time needing to go to the toilet, get a drink, or in my daughter’s case; to ask you to pull their leotard out of their bum

All that stuff is something I don’t want anyone else doing – that’s the mum stuff!


Sitting here amongst all the other mum’s still feels weird for me, like I’m a bit of an intruder you know?

I may have kids – but I still don’t feel like a real mum sometimes



The other ladies (& one very uncomfortable looking dad) are discussing husbands, birthday parties and how to get rid of hemroids

Where as I (once I finish typing this blog) am going to go back to working on the head-job song I started writing last night


If only they new…

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