Unless you’re living in butt-fuck-Idaho (meaning; middle of nowhere – sorry Idaho) I know you’ve heard, seen or read about the lady in California who just had 8 babies. They’re calling her Octomom.

I prefer Octopussy

I’m all for IVF. I have friends who have successfully started families using this fantastic medical innovation

As with all things, there is the ability to take it too far or abuse it.

That defines my relationship with chocolate right there.


I reckon if you answer NO to any of the following, you shouldn’t be a candidate for IVF

1.) got a job?

2.) got any money?

3.) got a partner?

4.) got a house?


Or if you answer YES to any of these, you need to go buy a puppy

1.) got 6 kids already

2.) got a fuck-wit for a doctor?

3.) got welfare money as your only income

4.) got rubber dinghy/fucked up plastic surgery lips

5.) got interviews booked on every tv station when you should be at home taking care of your 6 fucking children


Not sure what kind of life these 14 kids are going to have – I hope it’s decent.


In the meantime, Octopussy needs some serious mental help. Paid for by the taxpayers of course.


Oh yeah – let’s not forget her doctor here.

That man needs fucking with a pineapple.


** in the words of Australian comedian Rodney Rude

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.

She had so mnay children her uterus fell out.”


  1. This shits me!!! Selfish, Mentally unstable parasite with NO REGARD for her children or the taxpayers who must fund her insanity! I think the Doctor should be sentenced to living with this Angelina-Wanna-Be, fund-sucking leech he created! Oh…and yes…with a pineapple lodged firmly up his ass as a reminder of reeming the system!

  2. My sentiments exactly! There is a lady here in Oz who had two sets of quads, both through IVF, in less than 2 years. What I want to know is WTF they are thinking, wanting even ONE more child, and these doctors who allow it should be banned for life (after they’ve been “pineappled” of course).

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