When we play in Kettering, we stay in Northampton, which is the best
Mum & Dad had a house here for years, so it feels like home whenever we’re in this part of the country
Our favourite restaurant is here too, so we’re happy to be heading there tonight on our night off. And if you’re wondering what that smell is, that’s what trouble smells like.

And the show last night will go down as one of my faves. The audience was the perfect combination of ‘loud’ and ‘listening’

Admittedly, it’s easy to do a high energy show when you’re hopped up on birthday cake

Mum made me promise not to tell anyone it was her birthday
So I got everyone to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her when I was out signing at intermission

Then, when Dad was on stage dedicating a song to her (“Better Get Betty Home”) I raced out the front to where she was and grabbed her, “…Quick mum! You’ve got to get in here!”
I took her by the arm and dragged her into the theatre, and she was proper shitting herself. “Did your Dad fall of the stage or something…what’s happened?!?”
Before she realised where I was taking her, I delivered her to Dad, on stage and the whole fabulous crowd sang a rousing rendition on HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her

As Dad said, in 30 years of doing this, that’s only the second time she has ever been on stage with him (once before was in Ireland years ago….I think there may have been drinking and a dare involved in that incident)

You guys rocked it Kettering
Thank you!


  1. I was glad we got tickets to the last uk tour, we are disappointed that it is his last tour for the uk, but we still have you coming so thats awesome, was also disappointed that he wasnt doing the signings last night but hey you win some you lose some, guess il just have to book a holiday to Australia to get it 😀 im sure the other half will be happy when i tell him lol, the show was fantastic and we all had a ball never laughed so much in my life it was needed its not been a great year especially last week for me so i was very happy that it ended in laughter, im sure my granddad approved that i went instead of putting things on hold after losing him last week he wouldnt have wanted me to miss out, would definitely recommend it to anyone il keep my eyes open for your next tour in northamptonshire, you guys were fabulous xxx

  2. I couldn’t agree more, my Mum, Dad and I went and saw Kevin and Jenny just after receiving some really bad news. And it was the best idea ever. Spending a couple of hours laughing was just what we needed.
    We still talk and giggle about your great show in Auckland

  3. got all 5 off your cd to listen (after your dads) and thanks for signing them would have loved to get kevs but pitty he was not aloud to come out and hope your mum had a great birthday

  4. Great show. I must confess that I hadn’t really heard many of your songs before, but I’m now a big fan! Make sure you come back soon as I’m definitely in line for tickets!

  5. it is indeed which is why when life gets hard its good that you and your dad are around to make people laugh like you did, i needed it and look forward to seeing you again in the future xx <3

  6. all the photo u took on the the tour of everyone will u be selling them as would love the 1 from kettering as u can see my white thrumb in it lol

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