Christmas in July on sale now!

It’s happening!!!

So excited that our Christmas in July show is ON SALE NOW!

Dad and I have been talking about doing a show together since we first started going live on our individual livestreams, eleventy-hundred months ago

While we’ve toured together for donkey’s, this is the first show we’ve actually ‘done together’

We’ll be switching back and forth from Dad’s DILLIGAF HQ in Perth and my Keep The Happy Happening HQ in Chicago

Oh yeah, the show goes live at 2am my time…  Jesus fucking christ  Imma need something special in my coffee FOR SURE, that day 🤣

I hope you’ll all join us as we navigate all the new ways to get ‘US’ to ‘YOU’ and hopefully laugh our arses off doing it!

(once you purchase your ticket, you’ll be given a unique code by VIEWSTUB  – on the day of the show, you’ll go to VIEW STUB, type in your code and BAM! We’ll be live!!)

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