feeling merry….GIVEAWAY!

I’m home
I’m happy
I’m in the spirit of the season
I’m without use of my arms on account of a 3 hour Christmas wrapping session yesterday
I’m not even done
I’m typing this with my tongue

I’m in the mood for some Christmas Cheer!
Only because it’s 6:30am here, and apparently too early for eggnog

I’m giving away a signed copy of my live DVD, WHO DARES GRINS, and a copy of my latest album F.O.C.U.S.


Just leave a comment here, telling me you favourite thing about Christmas, and I’ll pick a random winner on Christmas Eve.
Make that THREE random winners.
Yep, three.

Get to commenting….!!!

UPDATE: congrats to Anne Steeele, Richard Barnett & Catherin Kennedy!!
Your cds and dvds are on their way!!


  1. Xmas dinner, and loads of food, followed by a film or comedy dvd and sleep till; the evening. Then the fun games and drinking begins 😉

  2. The best thing about Christmas is the look & the twinkle in the children’s eyes when they open their presents. Then watching them play for hours with all the different boxes

  3. my favourite thing about xmas is i get to sing hey santa claus at the right time of year and dont get told to shut the fuck up like at easter or in the summer 🙂

  4. Seeing family and friends and enjoying Christmas lunch with them all and watching my kids faces when they see wat santa brought them.

  5. First thing I love about Christmas is the grand kids coming round and watching their little faces as they open their presents.

    Second thing I love is when they all go home again 🙂 so me and grandma can have special time together 🙂

    Ps we are not old grand parents.

  6. I think you’re a fantastic comedian! Your Wrecking Ball parody wasn’t just brilliant, it surpassed the original by a MILE! 😀

  7. For me it’ll be seeing my grand children and listening to some of Kev’s and your xmas songs. Wishing you and you’re family a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

  8. I love being with the whole family, squished round the table trying to eat your dinner, splatting each other with the gravy then nice relaxing afternoon with presents from the family and playing silly games!!! 🙂 xx

  9. The excuse to play my favourite Christmas song: ‘Fuck Christmas, Fuck Santa, Fuck You’ by Blood Sausage lol. Either that or Twisted Sister’s ‘Twisted Christmas’ album which is on constantly in my car at this time of year! :p

  10. The look on my kids faces when they see the presents under the tree, and the fact they have no value of money and are greatful for any present they receive- even though they’ve asked Santa to make all the people in hospital better.
    Bless their souls.

  11. The best thing about Christmas is not caring that Santa fucking hates mee too because he oves my kids and spoils them rotten! Even though they can be nuaghty little buggers and piss mum off most days 🙂 Merry Christmas Jenny!! And all the best for the new year xoxo

  12. I love Christmas for making new special memories with your friends, loved ones and family. Life’s too short not to make the most of the time we have!

  13. bit of stringy chicken with instant potatoe followed by some angel delight.maybe a bottle of creme de menthe then technicolour yawn in the dunny.end to a perfect day.ripper

  14. Well its 3Am Aussie time and ive just finished wrapping I have the same problem as you i can hardly use my hands ha ha .Christmas is a strange time of year for our family that never see eachother but Seeing the kids faces when they see all their presents and hearing them say wow Santa got what I wished for makes up for it . 🙂

  15. I love the whole atmosphere from 1st December through to evening on 25th!

    When everything is done, and it’s early evening….. we find half a few extra prezzies behind the tree… Mainly things that cause a laugh!

    Traditions… You can’t beat them!

  16. best thing bout christmas is,,, playing your cds and yer dads in me kitchen while getting the food cooked,, ITS MY KITCHEN, I ICAN LISTEN TOO WHAT I WANT,,,now fuck off ,get out of my kitchen,,,,lol

  17. now im not living in the same state as my family, & joining in on a good old christmas brawl that cant be my answer! However, its the lead up to christmas… Between my almost 2 yr old & 27 yr old (yes, her father)its the excitment, just so classic to see them both lingering around the tree touching gifts & trying to do a sneaky while im not looking! Oh & the food… food is good.

  18. I love seeing kids eyes wide open when presents are given….The joy in their eyes are so precious…Spending time with family…

  19. My fav thing is seeing my daughters face on Christmas morning she makes my Christmas worth waiting for every year x

  20. I love the tucker, having all the family about and listening to rude cd’s with me gran and my FIRST Christmas as a father!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

    Love ya work Jenn!

  21. I tryed ta call me sista and got stuck with operator 42, after the last lager waltz I don’t remember eating the cat but now it’s the big day and I’ve unwrapped all me presents and there’s nutthin that I lyke. Geez It’d be good to be Kevie’s random bloke rite now!

  22. Being with Friends Family and drinking and eating and watching those grand kids open up there pressies and with a bit of luck I will get Kev’s new album for xmas

  23. I love the time spent with family, eating way too much food, drinking way too much alcohol and of course having that mandatory afternoon sleep.

  24. My Favourite thing on Christmas eve used to be an Egg nog whilst stoking the Fire and turning the coals…flipping her over and poke around in the embers…I really miss spending time with Fire when I was in my prime. These days, my wife just makes me wrap presents and ring a bell whilst reminding me of my past life by asking me to shout out Ho,ho,ho…
    Merry Christmas, Jenny

  25. I love my kids reactions t Santa, teaching them to sing Christmas carols in a variety of versions lol and taking them out to look at Christmas lights on houses. My kids make my Christmas the ultimate experience.

  26. As our kids get older, they head off and start lives of their own. My special gift this Christmas is having all 5 come home ……… mess and chaos but loving every minute. Enjoy yours 🙂

  27. Spending time with the family & friends is always good as is over indulging in the food & alcohol Merry Christmas Jenny & Kev xx

  28. The kids seem to get most of the pressies now which is a
    ALMOST as good as getting them yourself, and the fact that it is ‘acceptable’ to start drinking before midday and not get funny looks from everyone! Merry xmas!

  29. I embrace all of the usual things…family, food, kids etc. But one of my best memories was dear old mum & dad chilling to Boney Ms Christmas & my hubby changing the cassette to Kevs Santa Claus u fkn c where’s me fkn bike…Faaark!! They actually loved it!! They were both ‘Kevs converts’ by the end of the day!!

  30. Waking up seeing my little rug rats open there pressie the 11 yr o d finding out that no he is not going to get the thousands of dollars worth of pressies he so wanted but realizing i did my best and this yr my 5 yr old is so excited jenny i say he will use up all of his energy and be a sleep really early yippie

  31. Xmass is all about family and friends love to be with mine but working in kalgoorlie. Means I won’t be home for. Xmass

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