feeling merry….GIVEAWAY!

I’m home
I’m happy
I’m in the spirit of the season
I’m without use of my arms on account of a 3 hour Christmas wrapping session yesterday
I’m not even done
I’m typing this with my tongue

I’m in the mood for some Christmas Cheer!
Only because it’s 6:30am here, and apparently too early for eggnog

I’m giving away a signed copy of my live DVD, WHO DARES GRINS, and a copy of my latest album F.O.C.U.S.


Just leave a comment here, telling me you favourite thing about Christmas, and I’ll pick a random winner on Christmas Eve.
Make that THREE random winners.
Yep, three.

Get to commenting….!!!

UPDATE: congrats to Anne Steeele, Richard Barnett & Catherin Kennedy!!
Your cds and dvds are on their way!!


  1. My favorite thing about Christmas id seeing my beautiful kids faces when the see all the presents under the tree doesn’t matter how many or what size they are (lol) there faces when the open them is so wonderful to see, also spending time with All my family eating lots of food and having lots of shits and giggles Christmas is a time for joy and we sure make that big or little 🙂 Merry Christmas xxx

  2. My favorite part of crissy is the kids going to bed early because there so buggerd from a big day of new toys and heaps of food ……

  3. What I love is the fact I don’t have to cook!!! himself takes over and prepares a feast so I can spend the morning opening pressies with our daughters seeing their cute faces light up is heaven x

  4. I’m very competitive so the best bit about Christmas in Oz is that we have it first, before the rest of the world wakes up. Ha Ha…Plus I have to wake the kids up who are 9 and 5 as I’m so bloody excited!

  5. Mr 9 year old asked me if I could help wrap his christmas present for his Mr 39 year old dad ………… Mr 9 year old does not realise that wrap like a Mr 2 year old …….. Mr 9 year old was happy with how we wrapped his present and as I stood back and gazed at the end result it looked liked we just wrapped a giant vibrator for his dad …… I came up with the suggestion that we re wrap his vibrator err I mean his water bottle and make it look like a giant christmas cracker……. Now it looks like a giant christmas vibrator cracker ……. Every time I see it under the tree it makes me giggle like a little girl ……

  6. Jesus…..and Family, taking great memorable pictures! to bribe family if ever needed lol, no haha …to cherish now and in the future.

  7. The best thing about christmas .is being around friends and family. Seeing the little ones open their presents and having a few bee,rs Ok more than a few

  8. The best thing is having christmas with the family and having lots of merry drinks and listening to KBW, the best song DILLIGAF and J.T, F.O.C.U.S, we love you heaps, merry christmas you all, you are the best,MERRY BLOODY CHRISTMAS.

  9. Listning to crimbo music chilling with family thinking of my friends and family past and present and listning to santa clause you cunt

  10. Exited children running around and shouting with their new toys, while i nurse the hangover from hell, and cant stand my own breath.

  11. I love chrimbow because of my daughters imajanachion and the look on her face when Santa has been but most of all having fun with the the things ud never think of could bring so much fun the boxes the toys come in so far today I’ve made a cape shirt n tie course u should where a T-shirt tie can be found on the back of a photograph frame just as string and later I’ve plans to build a rocket make the most of it I’m 33 next year …
    Merry Christmas from ANTONY BELMONT and family

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