building little people

Question for those of you that have kids (more than one)
Are your kids all COMPLETELY different from each other?

‘Cause the two I have, could NOT be more opposite in every way
From what they eat, what they wear, how they respond to different situations – e.g.;
child a) Mummy, sing the ABBA song louder, let’s dance! or child b) Ugh, I can’t believe you’re singing ABBA in public and OMG, are you dancing in the cereal aisle!?!?

Magoo is frighteningly open. Will tell you EVERYTHING about anything. She is a huge fan of too much information. Poo, boobs, horses, farts, puppies, what she had for breakfast. She’ll talk about all that and more within minutes of meeting you
And if it makes you uncomfortable, she’ll consider that a win
Her sister Macaroni, is as private as Magoo is ‘out there’

This week has been a huge lesson in that for us
Without going into details, ’cause she would KILL me….Macaroni has been unwell and home from school all week
She is so much better than she was, and will be 100% soon

Both girls know about this website
Not surprisingly, Magoo can’t WAIT to be old enough to read what I write here
Or even better? Come to one of my shows 
Macaroni isn’t too sure
She doesn’t like getting her photo taken and is not a fan of me talking about her here, which I try to respect

This past week, Macaroni was busy working on a project for her enrichment class at school
I know, enrichment? Like she needs any more of that in her life. Surely having Diamond and I as her parents, makes for a pretty fucking enriching existence….AMIRIGHT??

Her project was to build a castle
She went straight to Diamond to help her with it
Smart move
‘Cause it would have looked something like this, had I been involved
Whatever….I happen to think this castle is a pretty speccy architectural achievement in cardboard
But, not up to Macaroni’s standards
So she went to her Dad
And together they’ve been working
On what THEY think a castle would look like

Imagine my surprise when she said to me, Mum, can you take a photo of my castle?
And THEN…..I think you should put this picture on your website
I really want everyone to see what Dad and I made

So, in the interest of doing what I’m told before she changes her mind
I give you, Macaroni & Diamond’s castle

They built it together
Painted it together
Put in the Kings, Queens and lots of other details IMG_2413
AND…they let me take photosIMG_2410

The finished product shows that she probably made the right call going to her Dad for help with it
But man, if she ever has to make something out of wine bottles
Or write a poem about farting







  1. Wow! That is AMAZING! Clever girl! Obviously inherited her creativity from her mother and her common sense from her dad 😉

  2. WOW!! Way to go Macaroni & Diamond!! My son does enrichment too, I am now hoping against all hope that we don’t get this assignment….. but if we do I know who to call 😉

  3. Now that’s one awesome castle smart move asking dad for help, i used to do the same thing dad when it came to building things and mum when it came to backing things, if you and diamond are anything like my parents your kids have an awesome upbringing

  4. Sensational!! Tell Diamond not to take this personally, but I am totally NOT showing my kids these pics – we don’t need the pressure of matching that amazing construction!!

    And yes, know what you mean about kids being different… my two are POLES apart. As you already know.
    PS My garden is about to be ‘enriched’… thanks to a donation from the yards. Heh.

  5. Just saw this … which proves beyond doubt that my life is running almost a month behind schedule!! That castle is amazing, what an achievement, well done to the both of them. As for your kids being different …. my two boys are complete opposites, one dark and one blonde, one was a holy terror as a kid but grew up to be quite placid while the other one has always been a real sweetheart but is like the little girl with the curl. However they are both got their sense of the ridiculous from me whereas Miss S is more like her father, very private and a bit staid hahaha. One thing is certain though …. all the bad traits they got from their father … *ahem*. Will try to catch up when you are here, still trying to work out which will be the best venue for us oldies xxx

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