snow pain…snow gain

I posted this on Facebook yesterday

And you guys guys were all,
“Are you drunk Jen?”
“Are you fucking crazy Jen?”
“You idiot!”
I could go on
Side note: you guys should say what you REALLY feel

Anyhoo, we ended up having an AMAZING time, so there!
Made a lot easier by me not being the only Mum there
AAANNNDD….all of us bringing wine
Of course

It was so fun

The hill was so fast

My kid’s little pink faces were numb, but so happy


Oh Magoo

I was *this close* to taking her to the hospital (this is the part where you guys say ‘I told you so Jen, you fucktard’
She’s not a cry-er (she’d already tumbled too many times to count…and ran into the trees more than once…and she just stood up and did a little happy/Rocky Balboa/fits pump dance)
But holy-mother-of-stacks did she cry this time
I just about had a heart attack when she screamed as she hit the ground
The fact that it was her back she hurt, made me think an ER visit might be the go

We were in the car, half way there, I was trying to calm her down, with promises of 2 minute noodles (her fave), a Buddies movie marathon (her FAVE fave)
And just her and I, in our PJs for the rest of the day….on the couch
I would have promised her anything in the world to stop her crying. A trip to Disneyland!
A pony! A baby brother!
Another dog even?
Fuck off. She wasn’t crying THAT much.
She sucked up her sobbing enough to whisper, “OK Mama”

She’s had an icepack strapped to her so much, her new nickname is Numb-Bum
She’s bruised, and very sore
But as always…she’s smiling
Love that kid.

It hasn’t stopped snowing all day today….so we might even grab our sleds and head back to the hill!
There’s not enough WINE ice in this house to go through that again


  1. Ouch I hope Magoo is feeling a bit better today, I know from personal experience that a cuddle from mum makes everything better, it’s good she has you to look after her, I bet you needed a drink after all that worry

      1. I have one like that!
        The other one makes up for it, he can fall down on a bouncy castle and every one in surrounding area would think he had broken every bone in his body! :/

        Looking forward to next Saturday 🙂
        Request F.O.C.U.S please 🙂 xx

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