fuck it up friday #22

One for the more voluptuous ladeez
The boys who love ’em

And anyone who’s been waiting for me to fuck up a Taylor Swift song


*Diamond walked in on me recording this and was all,
“Oh, you’re recording. At first glance I thought you were having a seizure”

Haters gonna hate.


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  1. Awesome being of a curvy nature myself i agree with everything in this song, i love it your songs never fail to make me laugh

  2. Awww – you’ve done one for the Curvy one – you’re such a mate! P.S hahahaha LOVE IT! Lunch is one me when you’re in Tamvegas next – pasta! πŸ˜‰

  3. you are an Legend
    Can we get an Album of F it up Fridays?
    Cant wait to see you and your old man again in country Vic

  4. Nothing beats being a normal person Jen. Who needs to spend hours trying to look pretty at the gym, or running your self into the ground?? I prefer to spend the time playing my bass, a few cold bevy’s and enjoying life. Fuck’em. Keep up the great work, love it.

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