holiday decorating

What holiday?
Well, if you’re me, there’s ALWAYS a reason to be liquored up! holiday to decorate for
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Australia Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter
Don’t even get me started on all the Jewish holidays I celebrate

February can kind of drag on in Chicago
Everyone’s had enough of the cold and starts jonesing for spring
Not me
I’m all about jackets, scarves, layering and covering up my bits
I love me some winter
Especially if it’s snowing

How is this NOT awesome?
Just walk out your door (or in our case, out our door and across the road) to the playground

What kid (and their parents) wouldn’t want to just go outside and throw themselves on the ground?

Landing face first in soft slush

What, you don’t?
Whatevs….maybe you’re just not doing it right
Like me….who just takes photos while supervising
Someone has to be on standby
To call the ambulance
Yuh…I’M the responsible one ’round these parts

In fairness, we’ve had next to no snow this winter
So I’m happy with however many inches I can get
Never thought I’d say THAT.

We sled
We slide
We hammer each other with snowballs

We build snowmen

Today we made this guy with a St Patrick’s Day theme in mind

Except for the brownie-muffin eyes with blueberry pupils
Not sure what nationality that would be

But green scarf
Green hat
And it’s almost March?

Totally a Paddy’s Day dude
The girls and I shared the naming duties

I chose the first name
Paddy (it took me HOURS to come up with that)

Macaroni chose Scott for his middle name
Magoo ummed and ahhed for a while
Paddy Scott…
Paddy Scott??



PS – If winter isn’t your cup of tea….maybe my Dad’s day in Australia is more your style



  1. One of these days I’m going to see me some snow! Not just in pictures but in the real life type!
    Make me one of them snowman and then…….. kick him in the balls for being so COLD!!
    Thats what I’m going to do!! 🙂

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