what ya watchin’?

I haven’t posted any new videos lately

I’ve been too busy watching other people’s

There are some fab ones around
There are some shit ones too
But I’ll try to to stick to the fab

I posted the links to a few of these on my FACEBOOK page
Then I realised that a lot of you have a life aren’t ON Facebook

Now this one is long. Like, really l-o-n-g
If you get through it, I hope you agree that it’s brilliant
The three most important words I took from it, “They. Were. Wrong”
So powerful


And then, a mash up of one of Magoo’s favourite songs….with one of my favourite shows
Which has totally made a crap song bareable
Also, how much time did this take someone to edit?


There’s a reason this next video has been viewed more than 58 million times
It’s pretty speccy
But man, I need a lay down after watching it


File this one under, ‘best idea ever’
YOU get a pizza! YOU get a pizza! EVERYONE gets a pizza!


People being stupid, and getting their stupid captured on video
Will never not be funny


They may be lacking some skills, but they make up for it by lacking in clothes
Also, go the bearded ranga!


Trade this kid for Magoo, and the dog for Eva
And this is EXACTLY how her puppy training is going
But with WAY more poo


And for all of you asking how Macaroni’s recorder practice is going
I wish I could say it was this good


Had to add this one…
My favourite of the week (and a contender for my next song for FUCK IT UP FRIDAY)







  1. i sit here with tear filled eyes having just watched the ‘they were wrong’ vid. i’m almost speechless. the depth at which that message resonates is so hard to explain to someone who was lucky enough to be spared that life growing up.

    they were wrong.
    names and taunts hurt far more and far longer than any broken bone. i had a yr11 teacher tell me high school is the best time of your life – i told him if that were true i may as well end it now. a few months later i tried exactly that. that was 12 years ago… i’m proud as hell to be a failure at suicide. sad to be a 3 time failure though.

    they were wrong…
    it’s almost something i’d have tattooed just to remind myself daily that it’s true. it IS true.. they were wrong… and now because of the repetition at which cruelty was thrown my way i believe them still… 20 years later, 15 years later, 10 years later…

    they were wrong.
    the tears run down my face now as they did so often on the way home from school. i hug my little girl (who happens to have special needs with MPS1H) a bit tighter scared as hell for her future – her life is hard enough at 7 let alone when she will get to high school.

    my beautiful perfectly imperfect daughter – they are wrong!! you are not the sum total of their words. you are far far more. i will try every day to remind her she is far more than their words. she is brilliant and beautiful and awesome just the way she is!

    they were wrong…
    thank you for sharing this video… it had genuinely impacted on me…

    1. Oh Kim, now I have tears
      I love that you failed. Suicide is a great thing to suck at
      So happy you’re still here. So happy you have your girl
      I know you know they were wrong. Your job now is to believe it.
      I owe you a hug
      You owe me some tissues!
      Big love to you my friend

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