so, here’s the plan

Made to be broken, if my history is anything to go by
So this year, I thought maybe I would just ‘PLAN’ to do stuff
Rather than ‘RESOLVE’ to do it, you know?
Yeah, yeah….HUGE difference….whatevs
You say tam-AY-to
I say I don’t even have an accent, so fuck off.

My list was big
I got a bit carried away and scribbled more than two pages
Waffle on?

I’ve widdled it down.
(I meant to write ‘weeded’ it down…but I’m keeping WIDDLED…it’s a fun word. You’re welcome)

And in a nutshell, here’s the plan

Be nicerespecially when I don’t fucking feel like it. That THERE’S the challenge peeps
Do more for others – this is purely selfish BTW, ’cause I’ve noticed for every nice deed I do for someone else, it makes ME walk a little taller
Play somewhere I’ve never played before – Old people’s home, A comedy festival, Afghanistan…who knows!

Read more books – I read 2 books (yes, this means that I didn’t actually READ the 50 SHADES trilogy, I just ‘skimmed’… was enough for me) all of last year leading up to xmas, then read 3 great books between xmas and New Years. I forgot how happy reading makes me. So yeah, lots more of that
Say what I’m thinking – and not just the ‘fuck yous’ in traffic. In fact, I’m aiming for less of the ‘fuck yous’ and ‘go suck a dicks’ that fall out of the hole in my mouth when driving – and more of the nice stuff. Like, when someone makes me laugh, tell them they make me happy. When my girls make my heart smile, just because, I’m going to tell them. When someone has nice hair, polite kids, cool shoes, a great smile, whatever…Imma tell ’em!
Be less judge-y – because as much as I hate judgmental people, I am an absolute champ at it. Hypocritical much? Yep. But the plan is to change that.
Write more songs – rude ones, straight ones, kid’s ones. Something for everyone. Be warned.
Go somewhere I’ve always wanted to – across America in a RV with my family, Italy with Diamond, New York with my BFF…. there’s so many places. Even just camping in Wisconsin would be awesome. In a hotel, with room service….of course.
Sleep more – We got a new bed before Christmas, and holy-mother-of-mattresses, why didn’t Diamond and I do this YEARS ago? I thought I just wasn’t a good sleeper. Turns out, I’m fucking great at it.
See Cyndi Lauper – I saw her play live (and met her) when I was 15. She’s still my favourite, and I’d LOVE to go to another one of her shows. She played Chicago last year when I was away on tour, how selfish. So I’m hoping for another chance this year

Lastly, always be grateful – I’d like to think that I am, but I think there’s always room for more of that. Some of the people I love the most, couldn’t wait to see the arse end of 2012. For them, it was a horror year for so many different reasons. For me, last year was the year of replacements. Dryer, dishwasher, heater, bed, car, carpet, couch…you name it. It all either fell apart, broke, or got ruined somehow (hello overflowing outdoor pond that flooded our whole living room) And today, the microwave blew up, so maybe 2013 will be the same. But I know if that’s as bad as it gets, I’ve got it pretty good. Everyone I need to be happy, is where I can hug them, talk to them, Skype them and just love them. That makes me so very lucky
So, while I’ll work on all of the above, if things stayed just the way they are, I wouldn’t complain. One. Fucking. bit.

Have you guys got any resolutions PLANS for this year?
Tell me! 
I’ll pick one comment (randomly) and send that peep a signed copy of my new album F.O.C.U.S.  
I’ll let you know the winner FRIDAY (11th Jan)

UPDATE: Winner of the signed F.O.C.U.S. CD, is AMY WATSON….yay AMY!!


  1. My plans for this year are to remove people from our lives who think they can come and go out of my kids lives as and when they want to and get my landrover on the road.

  2. The list was inspirational but I only plan one thing.
    I’m going to move forward and stop letting the past control who I am and how I feel. This is the PLAN!

  3. My plan is to make sure no one tampers with my skydive gear. Learn to play the guitar. Anything else that makes me smile is a bonus!!

      1. Im doing the skydive for make a wish foundation that helps really ill children. 🙂

      1. changed ma mind would luv 2 save up money 2 go 2 Florida an swim with dolphins 🙂 an also pass my driving test xx

  4. my plans this year are to focus on me! – improve my health, have fun, laugh more, and do things out of my comfort zone (depends on what they are of course)… all very selfish of me but I dont really care, its time to sort my shit out for 2013.

  5. My plan is to just do more. I spent far too much time last year with my arse parked on my sofa so I want to leave my house more & make memories with my favourite people 🙂 (I also intend to see u live this year so I’m just waiting for u to announce tours dates in the UK lol) x

  6. My Plan is to not ‘wallow’ in the anxiousness and loneliness that is my husband being on his 3rd tour of Afghan this year (march-sept) but to exude (in public at least) only PRIDE.

      1. Will do Jen thank you. And of course if #3 of your Plans take you to Afghanistan, maybe sneak me in your carry on. X

  7. 1) try and track down a signed copy of your dad’s 3 dvd set
    2) see you at a gig when u next tour the uk and be in front row to be the next slinky
    3)get a new tattoo
    4)buy more comic books
    5)live everyday as if its the last

  8. i plan to take at least 1 photo a day of “something” that catches my eye, and add 1 to an album on facebook (so far so good! everyday has been compleated). x

        ONYA AMY, you won!!
        email me through your address and who you’d like the CD signed to, and I’ll get it out to you ASAP

  9. A bit soppy (who knew I could be!?) but my plan is to continue seeing my two do so well in school and help them as much in as much as I can to achieve that, the last year they have done so well in school and as long as I can help them to carry on achieving then I will 🙂
    They make me such a proud mum.

    OK, I know it might be a ‘poor’ plan but them happy and doing well = me happy 🙂

      1. Thank-you 🙂

        Also got to add if I can’t win FOCUS goodies to buy them, need the hat for the that a friend keeps promising will come and the CD for my car! 😉

  10. My plans for the year:

    Carry on losing weight (I am down six stone… wanna see the back of another five)

    Finish my degree with a decent result… At 32 with 3 kids… not that easy!

    Meet Micheal Crawford in May.

    Do some sort of sponsor for the Sick Children’s Trust. Over the last ten years of my oldest being poorly they have always been there, I feel I need to give something back.

    Not give in to my husband and kids and get another dog… I hear they chew carpets 😉

    And go see the next Jenny gig!

  11. My plan is to say YES more often to my kids and to say NO more often to the things that prevent me saying YES to my kids. And next time you are Down Under if you play in Brisbane I plan to be THERE! (I saw you with your Dad in Joburg in 2008 and loved every side splitting moment) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  12. Last year i did a fire walk for charity and loved it this year i want to organise one as i got stuck at work too much to give it my time. I would love to go mega sized and get in the Guinness world records. Lets see how it goes big or small it will get done! An hopefully help lot out along the way.

  13. My Plan Is:

    1. To see you do a solo show or just a show here in good old melbourne and give you a big hug! (Coz i’ve missed you)

    2. Find a boyfriend and settle down ( currently dating someone)

    3.Meet Cosentino the grand illusionist ( That Magician dude i was telling you about a while back)

    4. And finally to just live everyday like it’s my last!

  14. One plan I already have this year is meeting my friend who is flying over from American I can’t wait to finally see her in person, but my main plan I know it sounds soppy but all I want from this year is to be healthy so much has already happened in my life that I would like one year of no pain and no more bloody operations they’ve done my head lol, good luck with your years plan I hope everything turns out the way you want it too

  15. Get to as many Jenny gigs in the UK as I can 2013.

    Get a great picture with the biggest smile on Facebook for the top of my page.

    Go to Ireland to support my singing friends there and maybe introduce them to the wonderful JT.

    😀 xxx

  16. My plan is to move on with my life.. get back to Perth in February and restart my life again.

    Get a divorce here in the states.. so I can try to find someone special.

    See you and or your dad in Perth.. seeing u guys in Chicago was so awesome.. never laughed so much, and I need a good laugh..

    Not stay too long at my ex husbands house when I move back.. but I will be able to spend a lot of time with my 19 and 21 year old.. I wasted almost 13 years here in the US..

    Be more positive..

    That’s about it lol

  17. My resolution is a continuation of last years. My lovely friend Jenna Witts is teaching me to play the guitar. Last year I learnt one chord. Unfortunately I have forgotten that chord, but I am going to persevere this year and learn another one!

      1. 3rd chord will have to wait until next year, I don’t want to over do it!!

        P.s what’s a capo?? X

        P.s.s Don’t worry, Deb just told me what a capo is!! :-). I have a long way to go!! 🙂

  18. I never make resolutions, but one of my plans is to finish editing my book and then publish the dang thing.

    And hope you someday tour the states with your dad–and if you do, come to see you!

  19. Love your plans 🙂
    For me:
    1. Finally get out of the share-housing scene and try to “properly” grow up a little.
    2. Send snail mail birthday cards to family and friends throughout the year rather than just a lame Facebook post.
    Okay so that second one isn’t very exciting, but hey why not lol.

  20. My new years resulution is to have more wanks and not keep making the mrs pussy sore with my big knob, also to wank into my wallet….. its the only way I am ever likely to cum into some money.

  21. I have a few plans, gonna need a bit of help but hey, here goes….

    Firstly I need to let go of my anxiety and the suck ass people and get back out into working life. (Need the money for new shoes lol)

    STOP smoking, it’s holding me back and I’m sick of smelling like a damp ashtray, it’s not very nice :/

    Lose a crapload of this extra weight I’m carrying about 🙂 I’m so not a jolly fat person

    Last but not least, I plan to stop being a doormat, it’s not a good look at all 🙂

    Soooo these are my PLANS and basically, it’s all about me haha. Lets see if this time next year I’m walking about with sexy ass shoes carrying my skinny non ashtray smelling self. Cheers 😀

      1. Sky ciggie ordered, lets hope my willpower sticks around!

        Oh and Jenny any advice would be appreciated lol.

        And “belated” well done for you doing it 🙂

  22. Loving your plans… And reasoning a little more so!

    My plans:

    Don’t allow people to take advantage and treat me like shit! – I should be stronger than I am sometimes…

    I MUST plan to go to bed at a decent time…! 2-3am isn’t good for anyone – My work hours need to be limited!

    I’m kinda stealing this one from you….

    I plan to be much more grateful – there are so many people with far less and I am incredibly lucky to have a loving husband, two beautiful children, lovely family, fabulous friends, work and a roof over our heads.

    And most of all….

    I plan to live each day as well as I can, doing the best I can and being a better mummy, wife, friend, daughter, sister, auntie and god-mummy.

    Bloody hell – I’m gonna be exhausted!!!!!! 🙂 xxx

  23. Was told last year I couldn’t have kids. So my resolution is to be the best Momma I can to the surprise bump who’s due in August! To appreciate every sleepless night, every hiccup, every smile. Just everything!

  24. hi jenny,

    thank you for picking me as the winner, please can you let me know if you received my email with my address etc as my email seems to be doing its own thing and sending some messages but not all.


    amy. x

      1. thank you hun. will let you know when its arrived – infact i will use it as picture for that day 😀

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