christmas competition

Alright then, let’s turn this Christmas spirit up a notch, shall we?
It’s no secret I love Christmas
I want to make one of you guys love it just a little bit more too
Sooo…..I’m going to giveaway a COMPLETE collection of ALL my stuff

That’s every CD
Jenny Talia From Australia

Tunnel Vision

Without Adult Supervision

The Blonde Leading The Blonde

Including my latest one, F.O.C.U.S.

My live DVD & poster, Who Dares Grins

My latest tshirt

All personally signed and wrapped up for you!

And to make it THAT much more Christmassy, I’ll be picking a random winner

Oh yeah, excited yet?

To enter, all you have to do is LIKE my Facebook page
If you’ve already LIKED it (thank you!) just share it!
Nothing like a a bit of Jenny Talia at Christmas time






**NOTE – I have TWO Facebook pages, one that’s full (fuck you Facebook) and the other one, that’s UNLIMITED!! That’s the one to LIKE & SHARE! THIS ONE! CLICK HERE!!

Big Congrats to MELISSA MACKAY from New Zealand
Fuck yeah!



  1. merry chrimble to you and your dad, couldnt get tickets for your dads farewell tour everywhere was sold out so disappointed but hey ho the last one was brill keep up the good work x

  2. Win or not i can still orgasm in multiples of ten. I love Christmas too and we’re the same ahem. . age! I entered the medical profession though and I’ve dealt with Christmas baubels in every conceivable place BUT the tree. Egg nog and a mince pie anyone!?

  3. Merry Christmas Jenny, to you and your family. Told my people at Aussie Jokes on fb to check you out…in a professional way of course…cheers 😀

  4. Already liked them both yonks ago(does that disqualify me? Hope not!)! “Join the mailing list” disappeared b4 I got the chance2figure it out(new phone&all but yes please if I’m not already on that!)! Always LOVED Xmas, but, thanx 2 THE BASTARD haven’t felt the spirit touch me this year yet(&after a year without any touching Im kinda hanging!)! Havent even put up the tree yet… & Having a 16yo in the house I’m thinking that kinda makes me a bit of a douche… So do me a favour and pick me2kick start the Christmas spirit! Educating said 16yo on the joys of Jenny Tahlia(cos that’s one thing that does always manage2make me laugh!) & my 60+ mum who is so proper but couldnt help cracking up when I played her a choice few! Also had an interstate friend visit recently who’d never heard of you, so of course I had2break her cherry… She nearly wet herself laughing and has been spreading the word ever since (her fab is the stalker song btw)! Merry Christmas2u and ur fam! That’s my best effort (hope it scores me sum free shit)! X

  5. Loved seeing you at Ayelsbury, can’t wait til u next tour the uk, was saying to the other half about getting all your cd’s and i am gonna be getting a F.O.C.U.S sticker to put on my landrover soon xxx

  6. I love ya Jenny in a non Leso way.. your awesome.. love you and kev.. when ever im dealing with fucktards you and kev always brighten my day 🙂 thanks..
    your songs rock 🙂 If my car could talk it would know every single song of yours hahaha 🙂

  7. I grew up with Kev’s Santa Claus you Cunt… our family Christmas song – my kids are very familiar with your songs, LOVE them! So want to win this!! Have a great xmas!

    1. Winner winner chicken Dinner Mel!!
      YOU WON!!
      Merry BELATED Christmas mate!!
      Email me through your address and who you want your swag signed too (also, Medium of Large tshirt?)
      yay for you!!!

  8. Merry fucking Christmas to to and your family and may 2013 be fully of plenty of bloody laughs. Pig snorts. Mouthfuls of alcohol sprayed everywhere. You and ur dad are great. Always help me when I’m feeling a bit down. Yeah okay feel a bit fucked up. But I have you in the car thumping out my speakers for all to hear :). Always makes me feel better. Love ya songs. Has helped me through some fucked up shit like a stalker of numerous years. Not that I’m anything worth looking out or slim n pretty. So fucked what his problem was hahaha. So all the very fucking best in 2013. Keep the songs coming. Love to see ya again when ur doing a concert here in Perth. Merry Christmas and have a joyous and pissy night!! 🙂

  9. Barstard song was always a fav.
    But I love all ya songs.
    New fav is parasites. So bloody true there! Julia is a bloody liar. And tony. Well his just as fucked up.
    Great song. Love it!
    Soo very true is that song. As soon as I heard it. It was my new favourite :).
    Ur awesome. Merry bloody Christmas. :). Have many a drinky poos and be merry!!
    All the best and stay safe

  10. i need to win these as i shall need some light releif after my daughters 2nd birthday party which is the 24th (no we did not plan it!), have liked and shared… x

  11. oh please pick me pick me it would make my Christmas like you wouldn’t believe :-)…How are ya Jen? saw your gig here in Dublin few weeks back 🙂 what an AMAZING show you and your dad put on .. you guys are so funny i was crying with the laughter that my make-up ran down my face hahah (a not so very sexy look) I loved meeting you after the show you are a fu@king legend not nigal, NIGAL WHO? lol

    cant wait for you to come back to Dublin 🙂 we Irish LOVEEEE UUUU … I hope you and your family have a wonderful Nollaig Shona Dhuit, Slainte xxxx

  12. Are you jesting?? You need to give it ALL to meeee. Remember me? Like your number one fan who stalks you on facebook!! Plus I have never missed a show you and dad done is Sussex. My kids get me naff all so like hell yeah not having a pressie for years means I win right?? Hope so, JENNY I LUUUURRRRRVVVE YOOOOOOOOO <3 <3 xx

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