posh puppy

Our new puppy Eva, likes to watch TV
She also likes to eat shoes, fart, bite noses, chew my glasses, and stick her nose in your vajay-jay. But she REALLY likes to latch onto Fluffy’s tail and let him drag her around the house
He’s put up with is so far, but her day is coming, believe me. That 150 pound ball of white fur is going to let her have it soon.
I hope I have my camera ready
She has the girls wrapped around her little poo-covered paw
And insisted that when it was time for bed tonight, that SHE get to read books too
Well, more like, “Yo humans, Imma sit on YOUR lap, and your gonna read me one of those big shiney Christmas books you got, K?”
Tonight’s choice was Aunty Claus (a favourite for years in this house)

This face is the face that has everyone suckered in
Except me
I see you puppy
I know your game


  1. We have a 10 month old Rottie, (Ruby), who we have had since she was about 8-10 weeks old. She STILL chews whatever she can latch on to! Mainly my hubbys shoes, socks almost anything he owns. He is a interstate truck driver, maybe she misses him when he is gone!
    She has been seen chewing the carpet, lino, chair!
    But she is OUR demolition dog!! Got to love them!!

  2. awww.. how can you not love a face like that..lol

    Hey I am heading back to Perth to live.. hubby said marriage is over.. heading there in February hopefully.. just got to save up.. so I will see you when you tour there..

    Deb xo

    1. oh Deb, sorry to hear that. Hope you are doing OK. On the plus side, yay for you being in sunny Perth in Feb! Think of us all over here, arse deep in snow!! Hugs to you bud xx

      1. Thanks.. yeah I am okay now.. wasn’t a week ago when I got told that I have to go back to Perth, no future here.. yep sunny perth gotta love it.. but I will be a glowing white girl..lol will need to get a tan asap

  3. My terrier tried that look once. Right after the sodding thing ate part of a brand new, unworn pair of shoes. Stay strong and resist the cuteness.

    (Awww, who’s a squishy wishy woo-woo then….)

  4. My dog does that face after he has farted I don’t find it cute I know it won’t be long before I am hit with a god awful smell, I hope Eva’s not like that but she is cute

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