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As usual, December has kicked off in a whirl of decorating, shopping, singing along to Chrissy songs on the radio, volunteering and going through twice as much wine as usual
I wouldn’t have it any other way
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Christmas as most of you know, is my absolute favourite time of the year
I love everything about it, especially that my girls are still at an age where they ‘believe’
I’m not sure how much longer that will last, so I’m making the most of it
‘Santa is watching’, gets shit DONE around here you guys

Some of the best quotes said in my house this week:

Diamond (listening to “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time): “Why does Paul McCartney say, ‘that’s why robbed children sing”
Me: “The line is, ‘the choir of angels sing’….derrrr!”
Diamond: “Oh good, I thought he was having a stroke or something.


Magoo’s friend (who was over on a playdate) to me: Are you really Mrs Claus? Because you kind of look like her with your big belly. Or are you an elf?


Macaroni: “Some kids at school say Santa’s not real, and I was like, hello, at least he gives you presents every year….so there’s proof. It’s a fact.
Not like all that God and Jesus stuff, which is like a big fairy tale with no proof. People are stupid.


Magoo: “The whole ‘not allowed to be naked thing’ is really ruining the school experience for me”


And now, for one of my favourite Christmas Carols….and Fuck It Up Fridays…






  1. if you,re not pissed whilst singing that jen you certainly play a good drunk ,santa might hate you but we love you x

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