Nearly 24,000 views and counting?
I thought I’d celebrate by giving away the books I used in the video
The complete 50 SHADES trilogy!

One of them may have got wet in the bath scene
With WATER , don’t panic.
If you’ve already read them, you could totally use them as a prezzy for a pervey mate or family member this Christmas you tightwad.
And ladeez, if you’re waiting for me to giveaway the mammoth monster purple beast, you’ll be waitin’ a while…..’cause
A) that’s unhygienically bleck
B) it’s in the garbage
(PS you can BUY a NEW one HERE)
To enter, just leave a comment either here, or on the YouTube page
I’ll pick one at random NEXT FRIDAY…
Thanks again for watching and sharing the vid
And for helping to make my latest album, F.O.C.U.S. my most successful yet!

PS – This will be the first of MANY giveaways this December
Because if you know me, you know I love the motherfucking SHIT out of Christmas….so it’s time to get a giddyup on the gift giving!!

UPDATE – REBECCA JONES is the winner winner chicken dinner!! Onya Bec, enjoy the books!


  1. Saw you a couple of month ago and loved you! Song is great. I’m not fussed about the books but i’d love the big glass of wine and box of cup cakes!! xx

  2. Loved the song (and the rest of your work) when you sung it in Kings Lynn on the latest tour. I’m a great fan of yours and Kev’s. 50 shades had nothing to do with Kev and Kate’s situation did it? Imagine a royal Kev, that would be a right royal fuck up, no wonder she has morning sickness!
    Merry Xmas and a focking marvelous new year.

  3. I saw you with your dad in Swansea- WHAT A NIGHT! Loved every minute! Look forward to seeing you next year. All the best and merry christmas

  4. I almost wet myself when you sang this in plymouth in october love it. and you always put a smile on my face when feeling dow. you are awsome. keep up the excellent work and keep us all smilin.

  5. excellent vid absolutely love all your stuff so funny and please please please do a tour next year I couldn’t go this year as no-one to have my daughter so my hubby saw it on his own

  6. brill video of fifty shades I pmsl..
    read all three books in a week. Other half was well pleased when I finished them. (No more burnt dinners LOL)

  7. Absolutely fuckin love you and your dad. Always make me piss.
    Was so sorry to have missed you this time round due to spinal surgery 🙁
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Keep em coming cause you cheer the world up! 😀 xx

  8. Its just when you sang the song and had the video going the husband was laughing and looking at me!
    No idea why 😉

  9. You ripped the piss out of me at Croydon and I loved it… Iv’e got the signed FOCUS cd and the FOCUS hat and i wanna win this cos im a greedy bastard,, X

  10. I must have watched and shared this video (as well as all the FIUF ) on face book , got a massive group of friends coming to Ur show next year too. Loves ya tons

  11. Well Jenny cannot wait for your next tour. Don’t leave it so long next time.
    Merry Christmas Jenny to you and yours…… Xx

  12. Saw you & your Dad at Newcastle. Great show; loved it. F.O.C.U.S is a great album, & as for 50 Shades, bloody funny! Nice one

  13. Love the song Love the books, if you give them to me I will give them to my mother for christmas! Now that would be entertainment! Have told her about the books and she went so red she looked like a beetroot lol x

  14. Saw you in Kings Lynn in november and loved every second of your show 🙂 would love to win the books as I haven’t read them yet ( my husband hasn’t finished easing them yet, but then he did get the illustrated version lol) XxX

  15. 🙂 if i was to win .. Id proper read the books!! Gone this long without reading a single page …. X happy xmas xx

  16. jenny thought u was awsome when u came to lowestoft with your dad ..1st time i ever saw your dad to and shame it was my last..but im sure everytime you come to lowestoft i WILL be coming to seeeee you …just amazing

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