Nearly 24,000 views and counting?
I thought I’d celebrate by giving away the books I used in the video
The complete 50 SHADES trilogy!

One of them may have got wet in the bath scene
With WATER , don’t panic.
If you’ve already read them, you could totally use them as a prezzy for aΒ pervey mate or family member this ChristmasΒ you tightwad.
And ladeez, if you’re waiting for me to giveaway theΒ mammoth monster purple beast, you’ll be waitin’ a while…..’cause
A) that’s unhygienically bleck
B) it’s in the garbage
(PS you can BUY a NEW oneΒ HERE)
To enter, just leave a comment either here, or on the YouTube page
I’ll pick one at random NEXT FRIDAY…
Thanks again for watching and sharing the vid
And for helping to make my latest album, F.O.C.U.S. my most successful yet!

PS – This will be the first of MANY giveaways this December
Because if you know me, you know I love the motherfucking SHIT out of Christmas….so it’s time to get a giddyup on the gift giving!!

UPDATE – REBECCA JONES is the winner winner chicken dinner!! Onya Bec, enjoy the books!


  1. My mother just finished reading this series, but these would make her laugh – I swore I’d never read the series!

    Tada, a comment πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Jenny,
    As much as i love the shit out of your F.O.C.U.S album, i still love the good old faithful Bastard lol and hey mum, and i have the books read them within a week, but the best song so far of yours is 50 shades lol, its so what the book is like.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Not sure if I should be sending this….the last time I read a dirty book…after a week….the fella started barricading himself in the bathroom! lol

  4. well JEN you’ve done it again,a good year of FUCK IT UP FRIDAYS,climax of the year was seeing YOU and KEV at FAIRFIELDS HALLS in CROYDON,and then you have the audacity to give us a cracking good album and 50 SHADES probably the single of the year even though here it won’t get radio time,but the word will be spread to the rest of the non PC world and beyond,have a great CHRISTMAS with your family where ever you have it,looking forward to seeing you next time you are over,by the way a mate of mine has been converted and loves all the stuff YOU and KEV do.

  5. luvd seeing u and ur dad on the cop u later tour in Glasgow must admit 50 shades is 1 of my fav songs from ur f.o.c.u.s album πŸ™‚ looking 4ward 2 seeing u again nxt year xx

  6. Neva had an interest in readin the books, people became like sheep around me readin em cus everyone else was.
    But LOVE ur song makes me laff so much and mite have to read em sooner or later to enjoy ur song even more!! baaa!! πŸ™‚ XX

  7. I hope there is no naughty gunk stuck to the books Jen! Love ya loads hun and can’t wait to see you back in the uk next year. I’m gonna get all the girls together and have a girls night out at your gig. Have a fab crimbo at home with the family and enjoy the rest, you deserve it. Give your dad a hug from me too xxxxx

  8. Hard to believe it’s 18 months since you and your dad were here in Gore, NZ. Still giggle every time I think of either of you! Can’t wait for you to come back again, Jen! Fabulous show!
    Anyhow, I’d just love to win the 50 Shades books you use in the song/vid.
    Lynn [AussieLynn]

  9. This song is awesome just like you, I haven’t read these books yet but everyone I know who has said they are a great read. Can’t wait til your uk tour next year xxx

  10. You should pick me as I have shamed myself publicly showing your clip on my facebook page to my Mum & baby group, cos some of them are so stuck up I thought you would lighten them up abit xx Found a few new mates now though πŸ™‚ and told the rest to FOCUS xx

  11. Hi Jen, u certainly inherited ur dads Levis(jeans)..funny as Fu** .can’t wait to c u again next year.can’t think of a camel without pi***** my self laughing.take care.Lee

  12. Have read the books, on my phone, but would like to win them anyway lol
    Keep up the good work jen, hope to c ya on ur tour next year!!! Xxx

  13. Ohh I haven’t read the books yet. Probably the only one who hasn’t. Hahaha. However. Have you thought about making ur own set of book like the 50 shades if grey. I’d definitely fucking read that. U bloody horn bag :). Keep up the great work Jenny :). All the best.

  14. Jenny it’s Kevin from the uk that traveled 300 miles to see you and your dad in Dunfermline please can I get one of the copy’s you have please

  15. Heck, I have gotta say they are good books but the song makes me laugh like nothing else!! Jen, I’d love to be picked…..but ya can keep the purple beast ta muchly lolol x

  16. Read em twice….. Love em and think the fella loved that i loved em πŸ˜‰ oh yea…. He must have coz i got a 50 shades bubba due in april…. Will prob tell the gynaes to FOCUS!!!

  17. Yo Yo Yo Jen would love to add these to my collection of ya stuff…………………just not in a pervy way i hasten to add lol xx

  18. If I win would you and the old man sign them so I can auction them off for charity – might even make the trademe cool auctions lol!

  19. Congratulations on a successful tour here in the UK.
    Thank you once again to everyone who helped make this tour fantastic and what a great send off (from UK) your dad got. Really pleased I got to attend twice… Peterborough and Felixstowe. I’m still working on getting Slinky to agree that we can all use his place for your tour next year.

  20. Me and my wife love you to bits Jen. Thanks for improving the sex lives of so many Brits! That was what you set out to do wasn’t it??lol

  21. I have no need to wtch the video after seeing you doing it live in KINGS LYNN CORN EXCHANGE! I have those sweet wonderful memories! And it’s also on the DVD I puchased!

  22. Hey!! I reckon I have shared the shit outta this song.. And camel toe and the wax song πŸ™‚ … Only issue is I have never read 50 shades :-/ reckon I must be the only woman in the world who hasn’t yet lol … Do a girl a favour huh?!?! My husband may be a very grateful man πŸ™‚

  23. I LOVE your work Jenny! You and your dad have kept me smiling and laughing my ass of in the car since i was a kid! Thank you heaps for everything!

  24. I loved ur show when u were in Ipswich especially when u called my EX husband and the bloke next to him “dumb and Dumber….you couldn’t of said it any better about him..described him to a T, now theres no sex but there is plenty of chocolate, I havn’t got the books so would love 1 to get some sort of sex in my life..even if its just reading about it πŸ™‚

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