friday night in felixstowe!

Friday night in Felixstowe
We’ve been looking forward to this one
The theatre here is like a second home to us. I’ve played here on my own, and more times than I can remember with Dad
Check out some other people that have rocked this stage
Pretty impressive, no?

(the young lad in the black and white pic….recognise him?)

I’m totally bummed to say that this lovely 100 year old Marina theatre, as of January, will be no more.
Sad face.
They are closing down the entire building and at this stage, have no plans to rebuild anything in it’s place.

We’ve had so many ball-tearing shows here over the years.

And tonight Lowestoft, I think we may have topped them all.
Seriously one of the best shows on the entire tour. Hands down.

And while it’ll be weird not playing here again
There’s already a plan B in place!
I totally invited myself and the other thousand people here tonight, to some random dude in the front row Slinky’s house next year. That’s where my solo show will be, cool?

I’ll find out his address and let you all know on Facebook
I’m sure he won’t mind.

Ain’t nothing like a Felixstowe crowd!



  1. fantastic show jenny you and your dad were ace thanks for signing my dvd and the picture as i said before chip off the o’l block. Top night

  2. hey watched u in felixstowe last night thought u were brilliant, Didnt manage to buy your focus cd but really want it. Is there any other way can buy it as really want it x

      1. ok brilliant will have a look, Also i know u doing your tour next year and want to come see u but as spa in felixstowe closing do you know where u will be performing instead xx

  3. We were in the Felisttowe crowd last night, travelled 40miles to see Kev the absolute legend and Jenny legendette. Will miss the UK shows but have made a promise to visit Aussie to see them there. So many of the good old favourites last night and some brilliant new material from both Kev and Jenny. Loved the fifty shades sketch, especially as I was there with my husband who happens to be Mr Gray and my bezzie whose name is Anna Steele!
    Thanks Kev, Jenny and Betty, you have given us so many years of side splitting laughter, England will miss your tours but it’s great that your web pages and dvds will keep us going until we can save up the dollar to go down under! Love you guys! Mr&Mrs Gray and Mr&Mrs Steele x x x

  4. AMAZING show. Good luck to kev for the future and look forward to seeing you again soon. Gonna have to book myself some tickets to Aus now in a couple of years !!!

  5. fantastic show last nite jen , best wishes for the future ,wishing all the best to kev for the future in all he does he is a legend ,see you next year andy

  6. Hey Jenny! This was my first time seeing you, I had a blast!! you are so funny, I will definately be coming to see one of your tours next year with my mates! Just need to find out where I can see you since Felixstowe theatre will be no more 🙁 X

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