hit pic, november 7 twenty twelve

Remember when Norman the Ninja swooped in and fucked my shit up? (read about the little bastard HERE)
We reckon there’s glittery bird poo all over Cardiff thanks to that feathered fucker.
Well, I ordered some more shirts
Then threw the buggered one away
But, even without the help of Norman, all the sparkly bits have been falling off by the bucketload.
Yo, Michael Kors, I think you need to glue your bling better on your blouses dude.

So, being the seamstress that suprisingly I am NOT, I took matters onto my own hands
Bought some superglue
Got all my new shirts together
And started glueing away
Piece of piss really

Until I tried to put one on
And realised the glue had seeped through the fabric
And glued the FRONT of the blouse to the BACK

This info should surprise absolutely no one who has ever met me

Whatevs, get lemons….make lemon vodka

Or, fuck all your work shirts up….it’s time for TOPLESS THURSDAY. 



  1. I hope you managed to sort your top out, at the end of a not so good day it was nice to come on her and have something to smile about, thank you

      1. You can do a lot worse than going topless i have seen what some people look like on a Friday night now that is scary, thank you, i hope you and your dad have a great night

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