kickin’ back in kings lynn

We had a day off in Kings Lynn Tuesday. It was much needed and much appreciated I can tell you. We found a laundromat, a great restaurant, and our hotel had big fluffy pillows. All the ingredients for the bestest of days off.
With our batteries recharged and Kings Lynn being one of the first shows to sell out when they went on sale last year, we knew we were in for a big’n.
All the chatter on TwitterΒ and FacebookΒ leading up to the show just added to the excitement
How did it go…??
I reckon this picture just about sums it up!

A full house, packed to the rafters with fab peeps out for a good time
And I reckon they had one. I know we did!

We also got to meet some local R.A.F. boys (who found me on TwitterΒ to tell me they were gutted to not be able to get tickets to the show – thanks to the boss, all was sorted)
They were kind enough to give me one of their hats, which didn’t really fit all that well.
No shock really – When Macaroni was having one of her checkups as a baby, the doctor measured her head and with a furrowed brow asked, do people in your family have trouble finding hats to fit them? I was all, why yes Dr Dickhead, we do. He went on to tell me that Macaroni’s noggin’ was fine considering that her ‘big cranium’ was just a hereditary thing. Thanks?

Dad was all, well if it doesn’t fit you, then I’ll have it for my DILLIGAF bar.

Gee, wonder where I got my boof head gene from?

‘Til next time Kings Lynn!! x

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