heavenly day…

Every night before the show, when I have time, I like to warm up
I mean, I’m not a proper singer, but sometimes it helps to sing a few songs before I go on stage
Believe it or not, they’re usually straight songs

I KNOW!?! Don’t let THAT get out.

One song that I am always singing backstage, is probably my favourite EVER Patty Griffin song. She is a vocal goddess. So while I don’t intentionally fuck up her songs (like these ones) I don’t even pretend to sing them the way a REAL singer like her would
Lately, as in before now, I never really noticed, I’ve been loving the lyrics to Heavenly Day.

“…Tomorrow may rain with sorrow
Here’s a little time we can borrow
Forget all our troubles in these moments so few
All we’ve got right now, the only thing that
All we really have to do
Is have ourselves a heavenly day”

I’m not religious in the slightest (no shit Sherlock) but the words have been just hitting me ‘right there’. You know, when a song just speaks to you?

I’ve sung this song forever, but it’s like I’ve only just understood what the words mean. Or maybe, they have only just started meaning something to me now. I’m not sure I even sing them right, and I KNOW I don’t follow the correct melody – but I just really like to sing it

If I was back in Chicago, I would grab my guitar, some wine, my buddy Tanya, and we would go and visit her best friend BJ.

BJ’s life has been one hell of a journey. (read about her here) A journey all about living life to the fullest, even though it’s just so fucking unfair sometimes. I’m pretty sure I don’t know another person who has fought as hard she has, for as long as she has. All the while, living a big life with her amazing husband Dave. And laughing her big laugh.

So, while it’s not in my nature to post a song with no swearing, or rude bits

Today I’m going to
Excuse the flat and sometimes breaking voice.
This was harder to do than I thought, and wasn’t going to get any easier if I did it over
If I could email (a file this big) this to her I would (I don’t fucking know HOW to?!)
So I did it the only way I know how – youtube?!?

BJ, this one’s for you…



  1. Hey Jen, That is such a beautiful song mate! Absolutely love it! And the best thing about that song is it’s sung by someone who is beautiful on the inside and outside! Love ya Mate! Take care xx

  2. I adore your voice… you sell yourself short you know. (Pun not intended but taken credit for anyway). We love playing your ‘straight’ stuff in the car on our long trips…


  3. beautiful song sung by a beautiful person,

    it dosen’t matter if you have the best voice or not, the message behind the song is clear through out and thats what makes an artist in my mind 🙂

  4. that reminded me of buffy saint marie a little bit ,great show in bollockpool last night jen brilliant i can,t remember last time i laughed so much thank you xx

      1. you should do donovans intergalactic laxative song that always make me giggle so next time you,re in the uk i,d like you to sing it for me please

      2. google it you might like it, i hope the rest of your tour goes well i,m going to try to get to see you and your dad again on this tour take care

  5. Your friend BJ & Dave…
    Have been reading the blog after you sang “Heavenly Day”… The world is so cruel to beautiful people…

    Reading the blog makes me feel grateful for what i have got, i love the humour in the blog. x

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