bournemouth baby, yeah!

Any place where they have hairdresser’s that serve you red wine, was always going to be a highlight for me
And it was a day off
Giddy-the fuck-up.

Our hotel added to the fab, by being right on the beach
And yeah, the weather was shitty mcshitness
But even in Winter, the beach here is beautiful to look at

This whole tour has been put together by ‘the best party planners’ in the business, the Mel Bush Organisation
Dad first worked with them nearly 30 years ago, and it’s been so great to team up with them for his final tour over here.

Mel (not in this picture), Alex, Ann and Gail are making this entire tour so smooth for us.
They look after us ridiculously well, and we love ’em!

Then last night we got to play a sold out show in the magnificent Pavillion Theatre
With so many totally cool fans. Some had seen 15 shows. Some have KBW & Jenny tats. Some just lined up for a hug.
All were completely lovely.

The theatre had a backstage room that I’d never seen before
JUST for blow jobs

Alex and Dad made good use of it

Boys will be closeted homosexuals boys



  1. Was my first time seeing you and your dad kev live! I’ve been a mega kev fan for over 20 years now. I’m looking forward to many more years being your fan too Jenny. Good luck with future shows and when you come back to Bournemouth next year me & the Mrs will be there. It was my birthday present from her to see you both. Come back in September and I’ll do the same for her. She really enjoyed it & nearly wet herself laughing.

  2. jen, your the fucking legend now that the cranky old bastards giving up. See you next year in southend or maybe in oz when we move to perth in 18 month time?

  3. Was lovely to meet you jen. 2nd time i have seen ur dad…..massive fan of yours you had me in stiches 🙂 loved 50 shades! Thanks for you comment about me to jules too 🙂 however not true!! Best 21st preasent ever !!! Xxx

  4. Just had to write to say what an absolutely awesome night. My hubster, bestest friend in the world and myself had never laughed and enjoyed a night out sooo much. Thank you and see you again next year

  5. Was the best birthday present ever had such an amazing time thanks embarrassed to say I hadn’t heard of you before but after your set you have a massive fan and i now own 3 albums which I was listening to while shopping and getting so many looks while I was laughing at the songs will be back next year

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