As soon as I arrived at the Truro gig, I knew it was going to be a great show

Our mates Brett & Debbie were there
They’ve been our unofficial back stage buds slash photographers for the last few shows

I decided that I was going to introduce Deb to the important things in life she had been missing out on
Critically important shit
Like red wine
She claimed she didn’t like it
I told her we couldn’t be friends anymore she just need to find one she liked
And I was just the drunken ho girl to help her out

Once I’d finished the show that is
Another sold out show
We’re on a roll over here
Thanks for keeping this winning streak going strong Truro!
What a fab crowd you guys were!

And thanks to all the great people that lined up afterwards to get stuff signed

And to just say G’day
Always one of my favourite parts of the night

Although last night I had another favourite bit too

The part where Deb proved that I am indeed a great teacher
By outdrinking ME FFS!


  1. awesome show can’t wait to see you next year. Enjoy the rest of the tour i’m glad i got to meet you and your dad at the end x

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