the fab peeps of plymouth

When Macaroni was nearly one, she was out  here on the road with Diamond and me, doing a big UK tour with Dad
I suffered a miscarriage on that tour. We were in Plymouth at the time, and seriously, we couldn’t have gotten better care.
I couldn’t rave enough to you about the kindness of the nurses at the hospital. They truly made a shitty, shitty experience gentler for us.
We were lucky enough to fall pregnant again almost immediately, and I will be forever grateful for that. I can’t imagine a world without Magoo in it. We know not everyone gets to have such a happy ending.
There’s is a baby garden here in Plymouth, where our peanut is.  A beautiful, peaceful place, where babies that didn’t make it, are remembered.
I got to see it for the first time today, and it really is lovely. I’m so glad I finally went.

Anyway, this is NOT supposed to be sad and depressing. It’s meant to say thank you.
Not only is Plymouth one of the biggest shows we’re doing on this tour, with so many familiar faces and mad bastards. (last night’s show was fucking amazing!)

It’s also a place that will always be special to me.
And a piece of my heart will always be here.
Mwah, luv ya guts Plymouth x


  1. I came to Plymouth last night for the show and have to say both you and your dad were fucking amazing! I have never laughed so much in my life and went home with my face hurting from smiling and laughing so much. I am proud to say I was part of the last Plymouth Dilligaf cafe choir. Can’t wait for you to tour again Jen, I reckon bringing your dad as a babysitter is a fab idea. Good Luck for the rest of the tour you will both smash it as always! x

  2. Hey Jenny ..Loved ya show ..havent laughed so much in ages….ma cheeks were aching so much only just recovered!! Your one classy chick with MY sense of humour!! Well done!!

  3. Fantastic show last night jen….brilliant. met you briefly in hotel this morning and wish you all the best tonight for truro….stay FOCUSed…..

  4. Oh sweetie… you got me! So very sorry for your loss… what a gorgeous garden. You walk the line between outrageous and fabulously human perfectly.

  5. hi jenny brill show you and kev are fucking legends. 50 shades was fantastic fuck the police im playing it in the car loud as i can. dilligaf.

    hope you come back to plymouth next year.

    glyn xxxx

  6. Absolute fucking legends! Funny as fuck I had to get up in the middle off your 50 shades song before I shit my pants with laughter! Was best night I have had since I can remember! Legends I tell ya!!

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