swinging sunday in swindon

How cool is this theatre?
It’s actually not as ‘pink’ in real life as it looks in these pics
But it is pretty vibrant (read loud) and I love the way it looks

Dad and I were just hanging out, waiting for everyone to show up

Knowing it was a full house
Hoping that everyone would get their party on and forget that they had to go to work the next day….ugh Monday! Although, when we’re touring, Monday is normally our day off. So for everyone else, urgh Monday…..but for us….fuck yeah Monday!

Once the audience did show up, Dad and I *may* have stood in front of the projector (but behind the curtain) and had a shadow puppet fight….knowing full well that everyone in the theatre could see our hands
That might be a sign that it’s time for a day off. That, and the fact that we’ve all run out of clean clothes. Laundry day! Or possibly fuck the laundry, let’s just go to the pub instead and buy new undies tomorrow day!
Thanks for a great night Swindon
We wouldn’t expect anything less from you mad bastards.



  1. Bloody excellent to see u both. Sad Kev aint coming back boo hoo ( hope he like Stephen and Sue Langston pressies – did u remember to sew the goats backend up lol)
    FOCUS dvd is fucking great see you next year – if u fill your forms in right lol.
    love u jennv and ur dad xxxxx

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