eveready in reading

Dad hasn’t been able to sign after every show on this tour. The crowds have been Β literally, so big, that the venues aren’t allowing him to come out for photos and signing etc (like he always does) as it would take hours.
Last nights show, while sold out, just snuck in under the limit, as far as letting the signing go ahead

So Dad took advantage of that and decided to give me a beard, everytime someone asked if he’d sign one of my CDs.
I’m like, it’s not like I can do that on one of his albums. He’s GOT a beard, he’s GOT glasses….how can I fuck one of his up graffiti it?

Fuck it, I’m going to start putting fairy stickers on everything
And glitter
And that really shitty smelling perfume I got for my birthday

Game on!

Speaking of game on, check out these two funny bastards
Proudly wearing theirΒ F.O.C.U.S. Beanies
I haven’t had to crack mine out yet
Reading was lovely and mild
Well, the weather was
But the audience?

The perfect combination of loud and lovely, with a sprinkle of nutter…
Just how we like our Reading crowd!

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