the croydon crew

I first came to Croydon (I think) maybe 9 years ago
It’s a huge venue we play here
And it was pretty fucking cool to see it packed to the rafters tonight
I was so excited I decided to get me “F.O.C.U.S” tattoo happening

(I know, it’s a shitty shot. but I’ve never been too flash at taking selfies have I Diamond?

If you’re wondering who that is behind me, it’s Daz. He’s our lighting and guitar tech and all-round favourite Kiwi.
He’s helping me put my microphone on and then putting duct tape on my neck. Because I sweat like mofo on stage, and all my gadgets and gizmos just SLIDE off. So we tape everything on.
Wow, that didn’t sound weird AT ALL.

So I got some F.O.C.U.S tattoos made. Fake ones, that between you and me, are absolute bastards to wash off. So maybe we should call them SEMI-permanent.

When I have one on, I like to WAVE at people with my Oprah Arms….just long enough for them to read the tattoo.
It gives me joy that most people have no idea what it means…..and generally just wave back at me.

(can you even SEE the F.O.C.U.S. tatt on my arm?)

It was, as always, an incredible show here tonight. Croydon crowds never disappoint.
One of the highlights for me was getting to run into an old mate. I wrote about her pretty special son, a few years back, and I’m pleased to say he’s now a confident and completely awesome 13 year old, who just blitzed his school exams – that he takes at a 16 year old level.
How fucking cool is that?

See you next year Croydon!!




  1. Awesome show tonight in Croydon Jenny. Remind me to sit in the front next time. Poor slinky. LOL

    Respects to the old man. Fuckin’ legend!!

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