too good to be toosday

People say that Wednesday is hump day, as in halfway through the working week blah blah shut your whinging
Personally, I’ve always thought that Tuesday is a much harder day to get through. I mean, Sunday you’re usually hangover as a motherfucker, which leaves you still pretty spaced out on Monday.
But by Tuesday, you’ve totally sobered up. And you’re all, what is this fuckery?
There’s no good news on TV (is there ever?), politicians are still dickwads…AND….the Olympics aren’t even shown LIVE for fuck’s sake!
Yes peeps….life truly can be bullshit sometimes
A little giveaway *every week or so (*when I remember) to turn that hole in your face into a smile!
Best part?
YOU tell ME what you want!!
A CD or DVD….your choice
And to enter, you just have to leave a comment
Too fucking easy, right?

This week, just leave a comment telling me what your favourite swear word is.
I’ll even go first….mine, is FUCKTARD!
It’s that easy!
So leave a comment, and I’ll pick a winner in the next 24 hours.


UPDATE: The winning entry is….are you ready for it…
COCK-JUGGLING-THUNDER-CUNT! I have said it at least 20 times since I first read it. I think I have a new favourite on my hands. Fucking hilarious! Congrats to Ian Mann!! Your DVD is in the mail, you funny bastard.


  1. I’d love a CD cos my favourite word is Shitcunt. It’s one thing to be shit, it’s another thing to be a cunt. But when you’re a Shitcunt….look out world!

  2. Fave swearwords are “poxy shitebag”, pretty good for both people and irritating inannimate objects that piss you off. Would love a copy of one of your dvds. Looking forward to the Vicar St, gig in November!

  3. How do you define the word “indefinitely”? I reckon when his balls are slapping against my ass, he’s in. Defininitely. I want a DVD, been living in the UK and now I’m here I just want ONE FUCKING DVD that works without me needing to take twenty minutes of the stupid thing getting right on my tits because I need to enter codes and shit and why are there different regions anyway – the bloody thing is the same, it’s not like it gets played with aussie commentary cos it’s region 4, so what’s the point. Plus I’ve been a fan since before you were even a twinkle in your old man’s underpants. Love you – almost as much as vodka but more than beer.

  4. CD – fuckingcumguts and another fav is Shitfuck. 0:o)

    thanks Jenny you fucking Awesome Whorebag – love listening to ya in the car 🙂 hehehe

  5. I’d like a CD and am pretty reserved so WTF or fair dinkum are as good as I get, or maybe a bloody hell occassionally

  6. i would like a dvd so i can have jenny and kev in my loungeroom making me laugh when little terror is asleep that is lol said to a telemarketer yesterday sorry don’t speak fuckwit he laughed soo much lol you tell em mummy don’t you just love 5 yr olds

  7. My fave swear word is bollock breath lol used to call my old boss that ……….would love a cd to go with my dvd cheers jen xx

  8. I like ‘fanny baws’ as it’s unisex and to the point. When I was in Oz I heard bastard on the news before 9pm! Guess that’s not a swear down under? ‘I could eat the arse end out of a low flying duck.’ was a personal fave and does sound tastier than eating a horse 😉

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