makeover, magoo style

I posted this

And you guys were all, c’mon Jen, don’t be a pussy…post the pics
And I was like, fuck you. No
Then my 8 year old daughter got home from school and was all, MUM!! What happened to your F-A-C-E?!?!?

Then she immediately went to work to rectify it

I guess she didn’t do too badly considering she’s never done it before. And only poked my eye 3 times with the mascara.
She was so proud of the do-over she did of her little sister’s original work of ‘art’ that she tried to get me to promise to leave it on until my next show
I was like, dude, it’s not until the 3rd of October!
She’s all, Mum, puh-lease??
OK, whatever

Pretty good outcome considering how furiously the two of them scrubbed the first effort off
I reckon I lost at least 7 layers of skin
But it was worth it

To get rid of this

Fuck off.


  1. Love your work girls – I quite like Mum’s side plat – fair chance you are not reading this, Mum can you please pass on my feedback.

    Must be great to be home!

    See you next trip for wine & lots of laughs xx

  2. What did Diamond think of it all? I reckon the way Macaroni did it was great, Magoo did a ok job as well! xx

  3. A little bit Country – A little bit Rock ‘n Roll…you have a stylist for all occasions now 😉 Good Job, girls!

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