fuck it up friday (repeat)

I posted this status update earlier today

Which prompted quite the response from you guys

I was laughing my arse off reading them

You guys are fucking awesome, and today’s banter is exactly why the internet was invented

So like minded nutters like you and I, can find each other – hang out – and share some laughs

My fave comment was this one, from Brendan

OMFG Jen you should do a workout video :-

OMFG Brendan, why didn’t I think of that? It could be kind of like a cross between ‘Let’s Get Physical’ by Olivia Newton John, Jane Fonda….and the biggest loser. With a touch of Dawn French in spandex. Giddyup!

And then there were a few mentions to make a Fuck It Up Friday out of it all

When I realised that I already had…


Power to the curvaceous & bodacious ladeez!


  1. JEN you should have reminded her that you write songs for a living ,something like there’s a barbie down the gym,like a stick insect she’s ultra thin,probably hasn’t had a root since I don’t know when.well JEN you get the idea.

  2. Us cuddlies are better in the bed, because we are much better lovers, and are warm all year round (forgive the pun) as we have Fucking Blood in our vein’s. Not like these fucktards or snappies, who are obsessed with looking like twigg’s hence snappies!

    Looking forward to seeing you both in October, & November.

    Here’s a thought Jennie. When your touring Aus; instead of dragging Suit Cases back & forth (Why dont you leave your cloths @ Betty’s, then they could bring them to your first Gigg, then you wont have to worry about luggage, just your duty free booze).

  3. My husband ( who incidentally is Irish and 13 years younger than me) assures me that he doesn’t want to feel like he’s riding a bike down a train track when he’s loving my curves! :))

  4. big tits ,an arse ya can have fun with, and humor, all the things ya need 2 take the piss outa ppl that can hide behind fuckin crowbars, carry on luvin ya work 😛

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