I am the reason photoshop was invented

I spent most of yesterday at a photo shoot

Now, if you know me – you know I’d rather slam my head into the fridge door than get my photo taken

Pics with peeps after the show are good, and I enjoy that

But an actual photoshoot? It’s uncomfortable and awkward for me

Second only to a pap smear – which will always take the trophy for shittiest thing to do with  (half) your clothes on

There’s a reason that every pic of me is either live (when I don’t know the photographer’s there) – or is a caricature

So that right there, should tell you how much I love Lauren. Lauren is my mate – who is also an incredible makeup artsit

She’s just opened her own studio by the beach in Adelaide, belleZar, that does hair, makeup, photography, bridal boot-camp….and so many other great services. It’s a gorgeous, funky studio – and she asked me to come in for a photoshoot

I told her no fucking way but then she mentioned wine. Lots of wine.

Done deal

Between Lauren’s makeup skills, AJ the hairdressing whizz, and Letitia, the studio’s photographer (Letitia’s also a model – tall, skinny and gorgeous. I was nice to her anyway) I ended up looking half decent

It turned out to be such a fun day

Who’d have thunk it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no great rush to do it again because this hangover is kicking my arse but it didn’t suck – AT ALL!

I’ll post a pic of the end result soon

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