merry christmas to YOU!

Who wants to win a JENNY TALIA pack this Christmas?? (not JT RACK – that belongs to Diamond)

You do??

Well let’s get on it then, shall we?

The first winner was Andrew Meaker – go Andy!

The second winner will be drawn THIS FRIDAY (16th Dec)

The winner will receive





And all of it will be personally signed…to YOU

For those of you who still want to order the new DVD or any other merchandise – don’t forget the cut off date for Christmas orders is December 15th (Australia & NZ orders CLICK HERE) (Everywhere else, CLICK HERE to order)

To enter, just leave a comment here, telling me WHY you love me your favourite song of mine!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

….And GO!!


  1. Look at all the free-loaders out for a free lunch (tee hee hee).

    Not me, if it doesn’t come under the Xmas tree, I’m gonna buy it anyway.

    And since I regularly fuck up your Dad’s songs … I’d have to say my favourite of yours is Bastard. Even being a guy, I can sing that song and people will chime in with ‘bastard’.

    I love drunk people, no idea what the hell is going on, but quite happy to be the loudest person in the crowd screaming bastard.

  2. WAIT does it for me! I know of so many people that do this sort of thing and they all (stupidly) think that it is a display of their love! I watched you perform it live during your recent tour of Brisbane and you did a FANTASTIC job of portraying (idiots) people like that!! Great stuff. That night turned me into an instant fan! Keep up the great work!

  3. OMG it sure is gona be hard for you to pick a winner here … well as for a fav ATM I would have to say its a toss up between your “Facebook song”well so I thought till I went to you tube now I have no fuckin idea I love them all

  4. Hi Jen,

    Mine would have to be Camel Toe, being a traffic controller getting to people watch everyday I certainly see my fair share of these and people picking their nose in their cars!

  5. I love you coz you’re fuckin awesome! Who wouldn’t love you?! Your blogs are great. I come on here often and read them all until I’m up to date. *Fully stalks your blogs*.

    My favourite song is “How can I be under you” – because when I first heard it, I didn’t realise it didn’t belong to the other chick who has a mini-grand piano smile. I’d heard a bit from her, bu was so cool to hear the whole song. 🙂

  6. hey TJ the reson i love you and your music is becase its natural talent that you and your dad have and i also love they country and western music that you do shows off your talent your music is fab its not like music now a days that is crap and that you cant under stand it your songs actually mean something to me thats why i do the videos for ya on youtube my fave song is one of your oldies its 10 THINGS love this song.
    and i also would like you dvd as kris wanted to get this for me for xmas and now feels really really bad that he cannot get it for me as the funds in our house are tight and he does not have any money to get it for me as u no hes not well and is unable to work so that would mae me happy and kris even happier if i was to win
    love to you and all your family
    PS i sent you an xmas card xxx

  7. Merry Christmas Jenny. I am sad to admit that until recently when I read BB’s blog entry about you- I hadn’t heard of you. Of course am a fan of your Dad’s. I then read your whole blog. you are so funny !!!
    I have just ordered “Who Dares Grins” but would be super to win a package & then I could give a copy to my sister. I have watched your stuff on Utube & love it all. Sorry can’t chose a favourite- too many goodies.
    Can’t wait for my Dvd to arrive.

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