1. Whays a Mofo cause I see it crops up a lot.
    How you Jen, missed your comments this time in Thailand, my one Asian friend was killed outside my hotel on his motorbike a day or so, and not been in a good place. Hugs

  2. Thanks Jen for this. My favourite singer singing my favourie song about my favourite thing. Now there is a trifecta!
    Thinking of you Sir Gregg.

  3. This has always been my favourite after the 1st time I heard it but 1st time seen you actually sing it and I must say the actions make it even funnier.

  4. hahaha – we’ve all learned this lesson…Home Wax Kits are what keep the Vajay Groomers in business! Geez – you’re a funny fuck, Jenster!

  5. Sooo funny! and relateable… I have a funny story for you Jen… Not a fan of hairy assholes myself… so (being a cheap skate and all) I decided to wax my crack myself, thinking it would be a nice sexy treat for my man. I survived. Was feeling pretty proud of myself actually that I had been tough enough and had accomplished such a tricky feat all on my own. Then I spied the spray bottle in the bathroom cabinet that I had bought to prevent ingrown hairs on my legs after waxing… and the thought occured to me “Imaging getting an an ingrown hair on your asshole…”, so I grabbed that bottle and gave my crack a liberal dose thinking to myself “what’s the point in going through all that pain to look sexy if I get a big fat infected hair follicle full of puss on my ring by the time it’s touchable again?” It started to burn… but I gritted my teeth reminding myself why I was doing doing it and prepared to tolerate a little bit of pain if it meant no big infected lumps to ruin the sexy smooth surface after all the pain I’d already put myself though to be nice and smooth… but hoooooly shit!! It was really only a matter of seconds before “Fuck!!” I was yelling! My ass was burning! Felt like it was on fire! So I wet a face washer to try and wipe it off… but the burning ring stinging feeling was only getting worse! “Fuck!!” so picture, if you will, me half naked in the bathtub with just a tshirt on, squatting ass end to the tap (cold water on of course!), tears streaming down my face, with a blast of cold water gushing between my bum cheeks trying to wash the bastard off, yelling and crying and cursing my head off!! After things had calmed down, I took that bottle in my hand and read the ingredients, curious to know what may have caused such a painfully violent reaction… only to discover the main ingredient was isopropyl alcohol!! Doh! No shit Sherlock!! Needless to say I’ve never done that again! So, the moral of the story is this… if you are ever brave enough to wax your bum crack? NEVER EVER use any of that stuff designed to prevent ingrown hairs… Cos that shit is NASTY!! Alcohol is meant for your gullet not your asshole!! lol

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