So, the dates are up for Dad’s final UK tour next year

And to celebrate, the Poms went and crashed hisΒ website

Fuck, I laughed

The dates are on my website too

So be nice and behave – I don’t need my shit crashing too, OK?

It’s a little sad to think that it’ll be Dad’s last tour of the UK

He may still go and do the odd show over there (he may not too)

But he won’t be touring there anymore

There’s 38 shows on the COP-U-LATER tour

And the Ireland shows aren’t even on yet

It’s going to be a bigg’n

I’m stoked to be going for this one

Dad’s last tour, after 25+ years of playing in the UK

I wouldn’t miss it

Well, I might miss it

If they decide to not let me in again

You remember, don’t you?


I know I fucking do



  1. hey jen england just seemes to be a littlebit messed up if that couldent see you are a comedian and singer they need to get some sort of life dont they

  2. I’m sure it will be a memorable tour – one for the pool room – last chance for Q-Liz to catch a show – hope she brings the family jewels for this one. PS Gotta’ LOVE the FIUF song! πŸ˜€

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