collared in collie

Last night was the first night’s solo show since getting back from Japan

I’ve been to Collie before, but never played a show there

Add in that it was a Wednesday night

I wasn’t sure if anyone would even show up

I needn’t have worried

Not only did we have a great turnout for a school night

I thinkΒ I was laughing harder than the audience most of the night

That’s what happens when you play in the country

It’s so top heavy with interesting characters and funny bastards

They end up entertaining ME

Particularly these boys

Who are, unintentionally, now members of the Collie Ranga Flavour Saver Club

They all had goatie beards

That were GINGER as buggery

I tried my best to give them a shot at a normal life

And by ‘normal life’, I mean ripping off the fanta fuzz from their faces

So they could go out in the world without the ridicule and shame of having people laugh at their flame coloured fur

And people knowing they have a concealed weapon in their pants

In the form of a clown wig



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