cute? my arse.

Took the girls to the zoo yesterday

The weather was beautiful

And it wasn’t crowded at all

The perfect combo for a great day out

Last time I took the girls to Taronga

You may recall that Macaroni had a little run in with a fence and a giraffe

So this time, we decided to go into Koala enclosure instead

Way safer

Koalas sleep 20 hours a day, so I didn’t expect to get any super great photos


They woke up as soon as we got in there

Soooo cute

The girls were loving it

Me, not so much

But only because one of them tried to kill me

Well, not ‘kill’ me per say

Just lunged at me so quickly I nearly shat myself

I mean technically, it wasn’t so much a ‘lunge’ as a twitch of it’s arm

But the intent was totally there

I know, I know – in the photo it just looks like it’s looking at me thinking I woke up for this shit?

But trust me – that little fucker was pure evil

I think he might have even had a knife

Killer Koala the Bad, BAD News Bear

I’m lucky I got out of there in one piece

Zoos are fucking dangerous y’all.




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