if you’re looking for me…

Tonight I will be in here

A pretty nondescript building from the outside

But inside, it has been known to take on many transformations

Haven’t been here to witness any of these events before

Sports, monster trucks?

Not really my bag

But these guys ARE totally my bag

As in, have been playing them nonstop ALL week

The kids are blocking their ears

You know on divorce papers, where it always says, “…..reason for divorce: irreconcilable differences”

After this week – mine will say, “‘…reason for divorce: Sugarland

I am very excited

As in, I should stuff-a-spare-set-of-knickers-in-my-bra-just-in-case-excited

I don’t have a pic of me to show you just how psyched I am

Not for the lack of trying though

This is the look I was going for

But I kept choking on tennis balls




  1. Spitting coffee up my nose @ dilligaf

    We called our bowling team Dilligaf one year… didn’t help our scores but damn we had fun!

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