video of the (wtf) week

If you haven’t seen this clip yet

Check it out

And you’ll truly know why the term ‘WTF’ was invented

I think my judgmental bone is attached to my vomit bone

‘Cause I feel seriously grossed out after seeing this

In fairness, he’s not hurting anyone

And he’s the first to recognise that what he’s doing isn’t the ‘norm’

But, wow dude


Just, wow.


  1. Bugger……apparently, ‘the uploader hasn’t made this video available for your country’ (I’m in England) – I want to be grossed out!!

  2. Not available here either but adult babies are fairly common as far as weird fetishes go. At least it’s not unbirthing.

  3. Geez Jen, After slug man I thought you had come up with another but here in Aussie the content is not available…….

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