head full of hanson

Who remembers the band Hanson?

C’mon guys, don’t pretend you don’t

Remember that song they had out years ago?


How much did that do your head in?

I loved to hate it

If I heard it on the radio, it would be in my head for the rest of the day

An effective pop song really

Well guess what?

They’ve got a new song

That Macaroni & Magoo are LOVING


That same infectious, addictive melody

That these brothers are so fucking good at

Albeit a bit more mature

Their balls had to drop eventually, right?

Did it get you?

It got me

For like, five DAYS now, this song is in my brain

But if you’re lucky enough for it to not affect you

Try this one


That should do the trick


  1. Do you find it a bit disturbing that in the mmmbop video that you youngest one ( the drummer) looks suspiciously like the ” I aint gonna pee pee my bed ” kid from the cult famliy video. PMSL

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