multiple choice love

I saw these really cute books the other day

And bought one for each of the girls

I have to fill them in – I figured it’s something that I could do on some of the longer car rides this tour

And then I had a total brain fart

YOU GUYS could help me!

Are you in?

Of course you are

I’ll even make it multiple choice for all the slowies

A) all of the above

B) a tiger, because  breastfeeding you, nearly wore my nipples out

C) a monkey, because you’re so cute & cuddly

A) the way you walk around the house in your underwear or naked. All. The. Time.

B) when you laugh to yourself, at absolutely nothing. All. The. Time and you’ll probably need to medicated when you reach your teens

C) when you come and lay on the end of my bed in the mornings, just so you can “….be right there when you wake up Mummy”

A) how the fuck did THAT come out of ME?

B) why does your head look like a pyramid?

C) that I would love you, so fiercely & unconditionally, every day for the rest of my life

A) nose picking

B) farting in restaurants

C) making your Mummy proud

A) get a really good paying job ’cause your parents want to live in a fancy nursing home with a spa room & a view

B) learn patience because people are really fucking stupid

C) have babies. Have 2 of them. I promise you it will be THE best thing you EVER do.



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