fuck it up friday #10

How slack have I been?

Don’t answer that

Sucky apologies for dropping the ball on my F.I.U.F postings

I’ve been meaning to¬†fuck up this song for a while now

Which Jason Mraz should totally take as a compliment

I hope

And it should come as no surprise to anyone

That THIS is the topic of this week’s FUCK IT UP FRIDAY


Yes, I know it’s Monday

I’m either a little late

Or a lot early

Or dyslexic?



  1. You’re early. That’s it. Early.
    Brilliant, as usual. Tell Kev we’re rootin’ for ‘im. And if a sixty year old feminist lesbian loves Kev, then the PC crowd can go fuck itself. With a sharp, long, splintery stick. So there.

    And come to Seattle some time. I’ll figure out a way to pay for tickets though I’m so poor I can’t afford to pay attention.

  2. well i listened to this and promptly laffed me cock off . after picking it up and sticking it back on my head i found myself not being able to stop humming it ….. recon with a couple of cuts (specially the old fella at the end lmao) and a few tweaks an prods you should do this as a single …. its fooookin fab lmao…….fuck it to the establishment big style ….go worldwide with it pmsl

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