iPhone speak iWrong

Happy Monday Peeps!!

(even if it’s not quite Monday for my U.S. mates)

We have a day off today, so no Mondayitis for us out here on the road

We love Mondays

It’s Tuesdays that generally suck

Tuesday = day after Day off Monday, which = hungover as mofos


I love my iPhone

But at least once a day, the little fucker autocorrects me when I’m trying to send a text

It’s frustrating

And sometimes bloody embarrassing

I’m glad I’m not the only one that autocorrect fucks with…

Whore or peanut butter?

Decisions, decisions


Well that’s a relief…


Sounds like a shit party


Karaoke & Dongs

Add some wine to that and I’m in!


Nothing worse that a puny, shallow dick desk, is their girls?



Is there an app for that?


Choking on your own penis

Go straight to the top of the class


If she really had her period she wouldn’t be mortified

She would stab him


Life insurance? Freudian slip?


I think I’d rather be grounded





*Thanks Celena!


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