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One week worth of shows under our belt on this tour of Victoria

And a fast, busy, fun, jam-packed week it’s been

Catching up with some of our best mates on the planet

Who happen to live in Melbourne

Gavin on Dad’s right, the brilliant writer & funny man who co-wrote Dad’s biography

And Andy, on his left, is the genius behind ALL of our custom made Maton guitars


Here’s Dad with the crazy-talented boys behind the soon to be released

Little Johnny The Movie

Writer, director Ralph Moser is in the middle

Next to producer, David Redman

My review of the movie can be summed up in three words

Funny As Fuck.


I’ve also been able to add a few fellas to my “Wanker Wall” so far this trip

Too many to choose from, but I know my buddy above reads the blog



And then I have been able to meet some friends for the first time

Like Tres from Facebook

And Katherine from Facebook too

Who brought pressies!



We’ve signed all sorts of things as we sometimes do

Matching DILLIGAF cars

Body parts that peeps want to make permanent with a tattoo

So I took extra care to be a smart arse write neatly


Bellies about to pop

But were still half the size of mine fuck it


I even met ZZ Top

And most importantly I found my lover from another mother


Like I’m the only one that makes out with my latte.




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    I have to tell you I was so surprised to see my ugly mug on your blog that I choked on my orange juice!

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