mrs magoo

5 years ago I was a Mum of a 2 year old daughter

I was slowly getting the hang of the whole ‘parenting’ thing

It didn’t come easily

I struggled a lot in the early days

I wouldn’t change any of that, given the chance

Because when I finally DID start to get my shit together

I felt that I’d EARNT it

And I appreciated the hell out of it

This little girl that called me Mama

The best thing that ever happened to me

Besides her Daddy

When all was finally right with my world

We decided to ‘do it again’

Make our little girl a ‘big sister’

I finally had a handle on being a Mum

So bring on number 2

I’ve got this licked

And oh my God

Along came another little girl

Who rocked my world

Everything I knew about parenting

Was fucking useless with this kid

She was a force of nature

She ate constantly

And breastfeeding her was akin to feeding a rabid tiger cub

Eight times a day!

And the homemade food that I religiously fed her sister

No way dude

Give me the crap in a jar she wailed

And sleep?

Yeah, if she felt like it

Certainly not at night time, that’s for sure

Nap all day

Party through the night

She was a piece of work

And you know what?

Nothing’s changed

She’s still a piece of work

A little rock star who never stops dancing

Always singing

Smiling non-stop

The cheekiest little kid I’ve EVER met

While her big sister made me a mother

And I couldn’t fathom loving another child as much as her

This kid came along and showed me just how big my heart could grow

I adore her

She lights up my day, every day

Her hugs are magic

She is equal parts sweet & punk

Her sense of humour is brilliant

She is perfect

And today she is no longer Miss 4

Today she turns 5

And now wants to be referred to by her favourite nickname

The one that her Poppy gave her

So Happy 5th birthday Mrs Magoo

Mummy’s little Bubbaloo


  1. Happy 5th birthday to your Mrs Magoo! You’re right Jenny, no matter how many headaches they give us, no parent would ever trade their kids in. Not for all the money in the World!

  2. What a brilliant blog Jenny!
    Everything is so accurate that it should be in a textbook (expletives included). As a dad of twins, I can never mirror or truly understand what my partner went through, but, from my point of view, there is absolutely nothing that I would trade! Going back to the textbook idea, I bet that a collection of reminisces under your name would be a great read? How about it guys? A parenting reminiscence book by Jenny Talia?

  3. This just proves that regardless of all those things we are told are so important in bringing up happy healthy children, you just can’t alter the genetics. Happy 5th birthday to Mrs Wilson Magoo xx

  4. I’m with Lawrence and Peter. There’s nothing I would trade about my 8 year old twin girls except maybe being only able to see them once a week. Certainly not their fault that their mother and I couldn’t sort our shit out.

    As for Dilligaf, well actually Yes I do give a fuck. Especially about my girls. They’re about the only thing that matters.

    Happy Birthday Mrs Magoo.

  5. The BIG 5…halfway to double digits… 🙂

    What a cutie too! I’m sure there is no one who had a more perfect 5th than Mrs. Magoo…HAPPY (though belated) BIRTHDAY, Miss 5! CJxxx

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