the little mermaids

The best $15 I’ve spent this summer is on these

Actually, I spent $30

I bought 2 sets

And it has turned the girls into mermaids

You think I’m kidding?

They have spent HOURS immersed in water since they got them

Talking to each other in sign language

Miss 4’s a little limited with her signs

But you get the point

And you probably can’t tell – but she’s totally smiling here

They are loving their new water apparatuses (yeah, I had to spell check that one)

Their skin is permanently pruney

And their hair is suffering the consequences of the constant chlorine

And they couldn’t be happier

It’s a beautiful thing to watch

Just ask their lifeguard…


  1. OMG Jenny That could be almost the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!
    I really do mean LIke EVER (except for when ur Dad signed my Jumper with Naomi ‘Fuckin Legend’ in Canberra when he learned I’d survived chemo treatment that I’d been going thru in Vic when I saw him 10 yrs before) because I think it’s awesome how you have your career & family.

  2. Joy!!! Wonderful… I was a mermaid/prune girl myself as a kid! Now the pruney skin doesn’t seem to right itself after swimming… what gives there?

  3. Kids, Dogs & Water (and Jenny with a wine)…Summer recipe of Fun! Don’t they just love it!!! Your $30 Investment is priceless. Enjoy the summer…I say that in my uggs and jumper! CJxxx

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