There are some things that are guaranteed to make you smile

Certain photos, videos

I was looking through some photos from the last month

As I start to put together the video blog for the WA leg of this tour

And got to these pics

And just started laughing

When I spent the day with Sammy for her birthday

We started off with a pedicure

And it didn’t take long to work out she’d never had one before

She was so ticklish

And giggly

The ladies that worked at the salon thought we were idiots

The lady doing my feet didn’t like me at all

Which, if you’ve smelt my feet, is totally understandable

She was filing & buffing away so much it hurt

But it was hard to concentrate on that when I was getting so much joy out of watching Sammy squirm

And wriggle as she giggled

Like I said, the ladies that worked there thought we were complete fuckwits

And I KNOW they thought we had more than coffee in our coffee cups

I think it was pretty obvious

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