bush walking

Our hotel in Naracoorte is out of town a little

Surrounded by bush

A beautiful location

Very Australian

So I thought I’d walk off the dodgy omelette I’d had for brekky take a walk around and check it out

‘Cause I’m such a nature lover ‘n shit, you know?

I even found more FLOWERS to take pics of

And whatever the fuck this is this plant that I don’t know anything about

Wealth of information that I am not

And something truly Australian


Reminded me of that old song

Give me a home among the gumtrees
With lots of plum trees
A sheep or two, a kangaroo
A clothesline out the back
Verandah out the front
And an old rocking chair

Where was I?

Oh yeah, I was being at one with nature while I drank my latte and ate a hot dog

And I came across a paddock

With two big horses

And two little ones

I’m sure there’s a proper name for the little ones

But I don’t know it

Shetland Pony? Mini-horse? Donkey? Midget Mustang? Clydesdale’s Kid?

Whatever they’re called, the little fuckers totally need a hair cut

I would have given them my scrunchie but I only had one and being the mum of 2 kids I know that if you give one of them something and you don’t have another one there WILL be a shit fight

Plus it’s my favourite scrunchie from 1998

So, they took one look at me

And came running

I think I may have shit myself a little they probably thought I had food for them

But I wasn’t gonna share my bloody hotdog

I was pretty sure hotdogs aren’t part of a nutritional equine diet

So I just took their photos instead

They were very friendly

But after Miss 4’s experience in Sydney

I didn’t have the balls to actually pat them

I need my fingers to pick my nose & scratch my bum

I had a nice wander around for an hour

I saw these guys too

Hiding up the back of the paddock

They remind me of growing up in Australia

And Sunday roasts

Sorry fellas

Way to make myself hungry again



  1. Great pictures! I wish I had a decent camera so I could take pictures of flora and fauna but I am a poor old man who works from home. BUT I DIGRESS.

    Midget Mustangs are SUPER CUTE here. And yes, they always need a haircut. How do they even GET bangs like that. I wasn’t aware horses followed trends.

    Or set them.

    And here’s a great fact: I once was at a local farm show (because in the middle of nowhere your options for entertainment are “sit home and watch the same episode of Seinfeld for the 10th time this month” or “lets go awkwardly look at livestock.) and they had draft horses. And if you don’t know what a draft horse is, they’re basically horses that are bred to be stupidly huge and stupidly strong. And I was standing near one but it wasn’t paying attention to me and then all of the sudden I feel something hot on the back of my neck, and I turn around, and I’m nose-to-face with a horse that is 19 hands high (roughly 6.3 feet tall)

    I nearly shit myself.

  2. Oh if they are big and EXPENSIVE enough, you will keep your eye on it, I promise!!! (insurance is a great invention though!)

    Lovin’ your walk in the bush, babe! Those hairy little equine are Shetlands – and by the look of it,they share the same lack of manners as our Shetland, Rob Roy. Little beggars…

    Mmmmm – lamb roast. (They need a good replacement for Tom Cruise in that ad, don’t they? WHo now? Hugh Jackman? Robert Pattinson? Food for (cougar) thought!)

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