g’day from adelaide

OK, so here I sit

Left my house in Chicago nearly 30 hours ago

Some of my tweets along the way

Welcome to American Airlines. Your check in agent today will be Joanne. Or as we like to call her, Atilla the (premenstrual) HUN

Seated between 2 teenage boys on this flight. Trying 2 eat my banana in the least sexual way possible.

Forgot sleeping tablets. This flight just got a lot longer.

Flew to LA

At LA airport waiting to board. Lindsay Lohan just tried to steal my passport.


You know how if you put a tuppaware container in the microwave too long & it goes all funky? I just saw Olivia Newton John at the airport & that’s EXACTLY what her face looks like!!

And now I’m at Adelaide airport

Found a comfy spot to kick back for a few hours

While I wait for the rest of the motley crew to arrive

Then we drive (for about 5 hours) to Mount Gambier

Where the first show of the tour is tomorrow night

Lots of traveling

But it’s all good

Got some sleep

And shitloads of people watching done

Really looking forward to starting this tour in South Australia

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve played here

Then off to Tasmania

Then Western Australia

Like Dad’s always said,

When you sing like we do

You’ve gotta keep fuckin’ movin’

And that’s what we’re doing

With lots of fun and red wine thrown in

Let the games begin!






we made it to Mount Gambier!

Oh yes we did.

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